Summer TV Ratings, December 13, 2023: Hard Quiz is the (Christmas) gift that keeps on giving for ABC


The Scorchers take on the Stars in the Big Bash

• Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo a winner for Nine
• 638K tune in to Hard Quiz in Total TV

Overnight TV Ratings, December 13

Share summary

Seven won Wednesday night with a primary share of 17.6% and a network share of 29.7%.

7Two has won multi channels with a 4.9% share.

Nine received a primary share of 19.8% and a network share of 28.6%.

10 took a 7% primary share and a network share of 14.1%.


262,000 watched Seven’s Big Bash where the Stars faced off against the Scorchers at the MCG. The Scorchers won by seven wickets (34 balls left) finishing 102/3 (13.5) to 101 (19.1).


605,000 watched Nine’s A Current Affair as the program looked at how NSW Police have arrested a man they allege is a homegrown scammer who sent out millions of fake text messages from his lounge.

Then, 383,000 watched Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo where the series looked at the Vampeer, the lone male squirrel monkey.

Clarkson’s Farm followed for 273,000 as host Jeremy Clarkson decided to open a shop to sell his produce if only he could stop his potatoes from rotting.

A repeat of Police Rescue Australia was up next for 130,000.


401,000 watched ABC’s 7.30 explore what the government’s mid-year budget update revealed. Plus, Laura Tingle interviewed Treasurer Jim Chalmers and the series looked at the little town being rezoned to grow 13 times bigger with no infrastructure plan.

398,000 then watched a repeat of Hard Quiz, topping prime-time entertainment. Topics included: aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force, the Seattle Seahawks, Forrest Gump, and Leonardo da Vinci.

The series finale of Question Everything followed for 330,000 before 177,000 saw Australian Epic.


On 10, The Project (131,000 6.30 pm / 202,000 7.30 pm) welcomed Game of Thrones star Owen Teale to the desk and looked at how Australia has made a world-first decision to ban engineered stone after almost a decade of pleading from campaigners calling for action.

The Bachelors then followed as all of the girls headed to the group date, an intimacy workshop. Everyone completed a series of challenging exercises designed to deepen their affection and bond. 146,000 tuned in.

The Hunt for the Family Court Killer followed for 98,000.


Over on SBS, 94,000 watched Gods of Tennis as the program looked at Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.

102,000 also tuned in to Costco at Christmas.

Total TV Ratings, December 6

638,000 caught a repeat of ABC’s repeat of Hard Quiz up 5%.

619,000 watched Nine’s Taronga: Who’s Who in the Zoo, up 9%.

617,000 also viewed ABC’s Question Everything, up 11%.

616,000 viewed Seven’s Border Security: Australia’s Front Lineup 6%.

334,000 also saw the season finale of Big Brother Australia, up 42%.

312,000 tuned in to 10’s The Bachelors, up 60%.

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