Seven executives on the broadcaster’s Olympic investment

Seven chairman Kerry Stokes on Rio 2016: “It will be the biggest undertaking in our company’s history”

Kerry Stokes, Chairman, Seven West Media:

Kerry Stokes

Kerry Stokes


The Olympic Games. They are a special journey. A journey that enlivens and invigorates all of us at Seven.

The Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio will be the next chapter in our partnership with the Olympic moment, and our company will be the network of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo in 2020.

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This is a journey that reaches in and touches our souls. It is also a journey that has a deep and abiding impact, a journey we share with all Australians whether or not they have touched the prize of an Olympic medal, or represented their country at the ultimate gathering of athletes.

Each Olympic Games has challenged us to build and improve on our coverage.

These Olympic Games take us to a new level. It will be the biggest undertaking in our company’s history, an all-encompassing coverage across three broadcast television channels, connected devices, online and social platforms.

Tim Worner, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Seven West Media

Tim Worner 1 1200x600

Tim Worner

The Olympic Games and Seven. It is a partnership that has formed such a special part of our development since the first days of television and it now forms a cornerstone of our continued progress as a multiplatform media company over the coming decade.

We accept the honour of being the network of the Olympic Games on behalf of our audiences. We take, with great pride, a responsibility to provide the Games to all Australians on all screens.

The Olympic Games are undoubtedly the greatest show on earth. They are about a commitment to excellence that has invigorated us as a company.

For 17 days, across broadcast television, all screens, in print and on mobile and social platforms, we will connect with all Australians.

Kurt Burnette, Event Director – Olympic Games and Chief Revenue Officer, Seven West Media

Kurt Burnette

Kurt Burnette

You are about to become deeply involved with what we are now referring to as “the very first unmissable Olympic Games”.

But these Games are more than a sporting event. Rio 2016 is in fact a milestone in the company’s history and a key initiative in our evolution to a media company of the future.

No matter where, no matter when, Australians will see the Olympic Games as never before, accessible to Australia like never before. We will engage with audiences across multiple devices to leverage the extraordinary power and reach of broadcast television. Our teams across the country and in Rio will play a part in the delivery and creation of some of the most powerful storytelling there is, the emotions, the highs, the lows, the great moments that only the Olympic Games can bring.

We are ready. We have our people in Rio. We have our people across our state-of-the-art digital broadcast centres here in Australia. Each of them, more than 450 of them, is dedicating themselves to deliver the Olympic Games to all Australians. The premium version of our Olympics on 7 app will have more than 3,000 hours of live event coverage and a total of more than 5,000 hours of coverage and will be created and delivered by Seven, and made available to all Australians.

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