SCA unveils new digital stations, extending Triple M and Hit Network

SCA will also revive the Triple M – Classic Rock station

SCA will align each of its digital radio stations on July 1 to either its Triple M or Hit Networks.

This enhanced suite of radio stations unveils two new Triple M digital radio stations: Triple M – Modern and Triple M – Greatest Hits. The first will deliver modern and alternative rock, alternative pop focusing on now and the 2000s with artists like Muse, Lorde, Florence & The Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz and Blink 182.

Meanwhile, Triple M – Greatest Hits will focus on late 60s/70s and album orientated rock with artists like Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, Prince and David Bowie.

SCA will also revive the Triple M – Classic Rock station, which will focus on 70s and 80s adult rock and mainstream rock with artists like Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Skyhooks. This will take the Triple M Network to 38 stations in total across Australia.

Following the changes, the Hit Network will have 46 stations across the network. This will include Easy Hits, Buddha Hits and Oldsckool.

SCA’s chief creative officer Guy Dobson said, “Our clients will now have easier and more effective access to leading and growing digital radio audiences via SCA’s suite of Triple M and Hit radio stations.”

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