Radio Ratings GfK Survey 3, 2019 – Perth

• Kate, Tim and Marty have taken top spot in drive from Mix as Nova share lifted 1.0 to 14.3%.

• Mix 94.5 holds at #1 as Nova, Hit 92.9 and 6PR all lift share
• Steve and Baz biggest movers at breakfast with 6PR show +0.7

Up: 6PR/Nova 93.7 +0.5
Down: Mix 94.5 -1.1

Mix 94.5 14.3%

Mix has started the past two years with the first two survey shares over 15%. And now for the second consecutive year share has dipped to just over 14% in survey three. All of which is a long-winded way of explaining the station remains #1 overall and in breakfast. If 2018 repeats itself next survey then Nova should go to #1 in both. Mix has surrendered drive leadership to Nova.

Nova 93.7 12.6%

Share was up 0.5 this survey, yet Nova breakfast was down 0.5 to 13.1% and at the same time managed to rank #1 ahead of Mix breakfast. Kate, Tim and Marty have taken top spot in drive from Mix as Nova share lifted 1.0 to 14.3%.

Hit 92.9 9.2%

Rough start to 2019 continues with all three 10+ survey shares lower than all survey results from 2018. Breakfast with Heidi, Xavier and Ryan was down 0.2 to 8.3%, which is also lower than anything from last year.

96FM 7.9%

Cume audience is a little better this survey, while share of 7.9% is close to the station average for the past 10 surveys. All dayparts were down with the station highpoint in afternoon on 9.4%.

6PR 7.6%

This is the best result in four surveys. Breakfast climbed too, up 0.7 to 9.7%. Steve and Baz will need to pedal a bit harder to match their 2018 performance where they finished the year with five consecutive surveys over 10%.

6iX 4.5%

Share was hovering under 5% again. Biggest moves were bumps of 0.5 in both morning and afternoon. Breakfast was just under 4.0% again.

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