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Podcast Ranker July 2023: Hamish & Andy keep top spot as leaderboard unchanged

There was little change at the top of the Podcast Ranker for July 2023.

Triton Digital released the new Podcast Ranker on Wednesday, August 16 which saw Hamish & Andy maintain top spot, trailed by Casefile True Crime at #2 and Mamamia Out Loud at #2.

Four of the top five podcasts boated more than 2m downloads each for the month.

Podcast Ranker

The only new entry in the Top 10 was Smartless the podcast featuring Hollywood actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett. The podcast comes from the Wondery studio, repped in Australia by LiSTNR.

The equal biggest mover in the top 40 was Darling, Shine!, the podcast created and hosted by best friends Chloe Fisher and Ellidy Pullin that is published by LiSTNR. It moved up eight places to #29.

LiSTNR’s The Scorecard was also a big mover, also up eight places, to #30.

The highest new entry on the ranker this month was The Streaming Service with Justin Hill from LiSTNR. The series crashed into the chart at #85.

Podcast Ranker: LiSTNR performance

Commented on the results, LiSTNR noted it has retained its no.1 position in July as Australia’s largest podcast sales representation network with more than 7.6 million listeners.

LiSTNR had 21 podcasts in the top 50 on the ranker, more than any other podcast network.

7am with Schwartz Media once again was the no. 1 news podcast in the Top 150 Australian Podcast Ranker.

On the All Australian Podcast Ranker LiSTNR saw growth across its major titles in key genres.

New podcasts Crime Insiders and Luke and Sassy Scott made their debut in the All Australian Top 150 podcasts.

“It’s great to see so many Australian-created podcast titles finding new audiences across LiSTNR’s podcast verticals of Entertainment and Culture, Sport, News, Factual and Drama, Parenting and Kids Entertainment and Radio podcasts,” SCA executive head LiSTNR Podcasts, Grant Tothill, said.

“Our international and domestic partner titles also continue to perform well and as a podcast network LiSTNR offer advertisers new opportunities to reach Australians that are making podcasting a part of their daily audio consumption.”


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LiSTNR lifts the lid on the reality of solving a crime and getting justice for victims with their new podcast Crime Insiders

LiSTNR has announced a new podcast series titled Crime Insiders which takes audiences beyond true crime and into the real experience of those trying to solve crimes and analyse crime scenes.

Made up of two show formats, Crime Insiders: Detectives and Crime Insiders: Forensics, the twice-weekly podcast features episodes from those working in crime scene investigations, and those working in all areas of law enforcement. The result is ground-breaking interviews with experienced and decorated experts that explore the reality of trying to solve crimes.


Crime Insiders: Detectives is hosted by former police officer and author of bestselling book How Dangerous Men Think, Brent Sanders. While in the police force, Sanders was deployed in riot control, investigated sexual assault cases, and studied the methods and psychology of rapists. He now uses his research and policing experience as a full-time educator, teaching personal and psychological safety and self-defence to women and men, as well as travelling Australia, presenting to schools and universities, educating young people about sexual crimes, and expanding the conversation around consent and social safety.


Crime Insiders: Forensics is hosted by the enigmatic crime author, screenwriter, and former general practitioner with a forensic focus Kathryn Fox. Throughout her time as a practising GP, Fox took on courses and challenges that allowed her to best treat the victims of crime. For her research as a crime author, she forged relationships with murderers, victims, police, psychopaths, lawyers and prisoners which propelled her deeper into studying and documenting human behaviour as it related to crime.

[Listen to Crime Insiders here]

KICPOD’s Steph Claire Smith reveals steamy bedroom roleplay on most recent episode

In Monday’s episode of KICPOD, available on LiSTNR, hosts Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw shared a hilarious catch-up when Steph reveals that she used to dress up as a sexy nurse for her boyfriend (now her husband Josh) and put on a British accent for some bedroom roleplay.

The kicker is that this was while she was still living at home and her mum discovered the outfits when she was kindly cleaning Steph’s bedroom!

[Listen to KICPOD here with the conversation in question beginning @ 12:17]

Amazon tops iHeart and Magellan AI’s Australian top 15 podcast advertisers for Q2

ARN’s iHeart and Magellan AI have revealed the top 15 brands advertising on Australian podcasts for Q2 2023, with Amazon topping the list.

Overall, Q2 spending on Australian podcast advertising grew by 64% year on year, indicating a clear trend of brands increasing their investment in podcast advertising. The report found that all podcast genres continue to see an uplift in investment, with a marked increase in the biggest categories Society & Culture (up 48%), News (up 49%) and Comedy (up 127%). Growth in brands embracing the undeniable engagement of True Crime content has also hit new heights, up 116% year on year.

iHeart podcast advertisers

Corey Layton, ARN’s head of digital audio, said: “Podcasts are Australia’s fastest growing mass medium with brands utilising its soaring engagement to connect with audiences in a more intimate and engaging way. The surge in Australian podcast advertising spending by 64% underscores a compelling shift towards a medium that’s as diverse as it is impactful.”

The report, which uses the latest artificial intelligence technology, analyses thousands of episodes from 400+ of Australia’s most popular podcasts to determine the top brands advertising.

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The Cricket Unfiltered Podcast hits a decade milestone

The Cricket Unfiltered Podcast notches up a significant milestone next week celebrating its 10-year anniversary on August 21st.

The podcast was founded in 2013 by Andrew Menczel (aka Menners) and was the first ever regular weekly cricket podcast in Australia and was a pioneering show for all sports podcasts.

Menners began the show because he felt Aussie cricket podcast fans needed a show about their team because the only cricket podcasts were mainly concerned with the old enemy, England.

The podcast has since featured over 20 international captains and numerous cricketers and broadcasters including Allan Border, Pat Cummins, Greg Chappell, Ellyse Perry, Meg Lanning, Mark Howard, Mike Whitney, Steve Waugh and Jim Maxwell.

[Listen to The Cricket Unfiltered Podcast here]

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