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Compiled by Jasper Baumann and Tess Connery

‘We know we will be the best’: Jimmy & Nath on bringing Born Funny to the stage

In May last year, Jimmy & Nath launched a new podcast series, Born Funny. Taking a deep dive into when Australia’s funniest people first knew they were funny, guests reflect on the times in their lives that helped shape their comedic careers.

Recently, the pair took the podcast to the stage for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, with a live show in front of a sold-out audience – and packaged up to play out live around the country.

Podcast Week’s Tess Connery caught up with the pair to speak about Born Funny, why radio is a top priority, and what comes next.

It’s been almost a year of Born Funny. Take me back to the beginnings of the podcast? 

Nath: “It was a long time coming. We had the concept years ago, when we were doing brekkie radio down in Hobart. It was coming out of the back of Covid times, and we wanted to keep flexing our interview muscle – which we know is a real strength of the show. We wanted to do it in a more long-form format, and we were spitballing a few different podcast ideas. 

“We actually did a pilot that didn’t see the light of day for about three years, that was with Luke McGregor. We tell people not to listen to that episode, because it’s a bit weird – all we talk about is Covid and Hobart.”

born funny

How is the podcast different to the Jimmy & Nath radio show?

Jimmy: “It’s a different format and you’ve got to respect it. I don’t think Nathan and I really respected it, we talk for living so we figured we could do this as well. In the radio show, there’s a lot of high energy but you get breaks – you get the ads, the music, chatting to callers, that sort of stuff. This is sitting down for an hour. 

“The biggest learning curve was for Nathan and I to sit back a bit and let the guest be the star, and not come in so hot. The way we ask questions is very different on the radio show compared to the to the podcast.”

Nath: “We’ve got time, as opposed to trying to fit stuff into a four or five-minute talk break. We can have an extended answer, we can ask that third, fourth, fifth, sixth follow-up question that you wouldn’t get to do in a radio interview or a phone topic.”

You took the show live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year, what was that like?

Jimmy: “We’ve wanted to do a live show for a very long time, even pre-Born Funny. We’ve also been very pragmatic and cautious about how we do things –  we’ve seen people get really famous really quickly and lose sight of the thing that put them there. Our first priority will always be radio, we’ve been doing it for 10 years in different capacities.

“The opportunity was there, we had a big team around us – which was very helpful in putting together something like this and we didn’t have when we were doing Hobart breakfast. We said we wanted to do a live show, and we want to do more. It was so much fun.”

LiSTNR_Born Funny_Live Event pic 1

Jimmy and Nath live

Nath: “The opportunity to take it to the live stage blew us away, because we knew that a lot of people listen to the podcast, but to see them is a different thing. When we record or do a radio show, it’s just us and our team, but to see people on a live stage energises us a bit more. 

“We could use the crowd, which we do like to do with our callers, but we could use them and involve them and have that instant gratification of knowing if we were doing the right thing – the answer was yes, because people were going nuts in the crowd, which was awesome.”

For both the podcast and the radio show, what are you guys working towards? What are the goals for the rest of the year?

Jimmy: “Marty Sheargold said to us 10 years ago that you don’t get a job until someone fucks up or fucks off. We’re lucky to have the podcast on LiSTNR, we’re on the Hit Network, we have a lot of friends everywhere. No one wants to give these gigs up. 

“We would love to take on a capital city breakfast show, we’ve done that in Hobart and had some success, we’d love to do it somewhere else. Or drive! We’re big fans of Hamish & Andy and Kate, Tim & Marty, they were two great drive shows. But those opportunities won’t present themselves unless we continue to be a good show, and that’s really what our focus is.”

Nath: “We’re going to keep doing the best show possible, bringing in as much audience as possible and growing our platform. We know, because it has in the past, that’ll lead to whatever that next opportunity is.

“We’re not afraid to say it, we know we will be the best. We know we will be, because we outwork anybody – we work our asses off and we do it for a reason. Radio is priority one, we love it. We’ll keep working until we are the best, and even then we won’t believe it, so we’ll keep going.”

[Listen to Born Funny here]

Mamamia launches comedy parenting podcast, The Baby Bubble

The Baby Bubble invites listeners into the raw conversations of twin sisters and first-time mums, Jessie and Clare Stephens.

The podcast is about the absurdity of raising a tiny human when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

The Baby Bubble launched on 11 April with presenting partner, BIG W. 

“We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Mamamia for The Baby Bubble podcast. Parenthood is a journey filled with hilarious moments. Our excitement lies in joining authentic conversations as the hosts share their real-life experiences with humour and honesty,” said Amber Topalcik, marketing manager, BIG W.

[Listen to The Baby Bubble here]

LiSTNR launches season six of It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield 

LiSTNR has announced season six of It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, with brand new artwork by Hungarian artist Kamilla Varga. 

In the new season, Chatfield continues her popular and fiercely candid take on the world, with an unwavering commitment to calling out bad behaviour and telling it how it is. 

In an upcoming episode, Abbie sits down for a powerful interview with activist and advocate for sexual assault survivors, Grace Tame

LiSTNR Original Podcasts head of entertainment and culture, Sam Cavanagh, said: “On It’s A Lot, Abbie and her guests tackle topics that are often considered taboo. However, with Abbie’s trademark candour and humour, these discussions resonate with her legions of listeners, and she is fast becoming one of this country’s most important voices. We are extremely proud to see her podcast continuing to grow and challenge the status quo, whilst also being a runaway commercial success.”

[Listen to It’s A Lot here]

Somehow Related marks 300 episodes at new home, 9Podcasts

Hosted by Aussie comedians, Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neil, Somehow Related is the show that proves even the most seemingly random subjects are in fact related.

In each episode, Robbins and O’Neill cycle through what they know about the topics, reminisce, sometimes call on help from friends and indulge with thinking music before giving it all to guess the link. 

Glenn Robbins said: “Along with our trusty sidekick Sam, every episode is a journey of discovery where we uncover fascinating facts and nuggets of knowledge that will, if nothing else, arm you with something interesting to say when things go quiet at your next dinner party.”

Dave O’Neil said: “Sure, we might talk about ourselves more than the topic, and sure, we might drop the odd inappropriate joke, and sure, we might even reenact historical moments with questionable accuracy – but don’t hold it against us, we’re giving it our best shot.”

[Listen to Somehow Related here] 

Shane McAnally and Gina Kirschenheiter return to host the second season of Orange Country

Hosted by songwriter Shane McAnally and reality star Gina Kirshenheiter, the second season promises listeners a blend of humour, candid conversations and insightful discussions. 

In the debut episode titled ‘We Don’t Have Coke, Is Pepsi Okay?” Shane and Gina dive straight into a wide range of topics, from recent family trips to Santa Barbara to debates over Pepsi versus Coke. Listeners can expect lively banter about everything from ostrich farms to Beanie Baby crazes, and even delve into discussions on millennial and Gen Z money dysmorphia. 

“We’re thrilled to be back for another season of ‘Orange Country,” shares McAnally.

“It’s always a blast recording with Gina and diving into our favorite topics, from pop culture to personal stories.”

Kirschenheiter adds: “The support from our listeners has been incredible, and we can’t wait to share more laughs and insights with them in season two.”

[Listen to Orange Country here]

9News Queensland’s Hannah’s Story Podcast wins Gold at New York Festival Radio Awards

Hannah’s Story, a podcast collaboration with 9News Queensland and 9Podcasts, was awarded the Gold award for the best Narrative Documentary podcast at the New York Festival Radio Awards.

Presented by 9News Queensland’s Melissa Downes, produced by 9News Queensland’s Jess Lodge, and with sound design by 9Podcast’s Adam Buncher, the podcast tells the story of one of the worst acts of domestic violence seen in Australia: the day Hannah Clarke and her three children were set on fire and killed in their car by their father and Hannah’s estranged husband, Rowan Baxter.

9News Queensland’s Lodge and Downes said: “We are so proud to see Hannah’s Story recognised on the global stage. Our deepest thanks go to Hannah’s parents Sue and Lloyd, brother Nathanial, friends and all those who contributed to this podcast. To have this incredibly important story reaching an international audience is a credit to their courage and commitment to creating change and saving lives.”

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