Podcast Week: Howie, Rusty, Gold Walkley and Mitch Wallis’s Real Talk

• The Real Talk podcast is humanising the real-life experiences of high-profile people and their unexpected journeys with mental health

Rusty’s Garage with Mick, Merrick and Gold Logie winner Grant

Some of the PodcastOne big guns have had some fascinating interviews the past month that could help fill summer leisure listening hours.

Rusty’s Garage has had some big names parking their cars. Host, commentator and journalist Greg Rust spent time with Mick Doohan in his most recent podcast released this week. Prior to that he spent time in separate recordings with media motoring enthusiasts Merrick Watts and Grant Denyer.

Listen to Rusty’s Garage here.

 Sports guy Mark Howard in the ring with Mundine

Meanwhile Mark Howard is being kept busy by a punishing schedule on the Fox Cricket commentary team. He has a bank of great interviews recorded though and is releasing them via PodcastOne. This week his Howie Games podcast with Anthony Mundine has been released just days before his fight with Jeff Horn. Earlier this month he talked surfing with former World Champion Joel Parkinson.

Listen to The Howie Games here.

 The Betoota on tour

The Betoota Advocate’s Australian tour is under way as Clancy Overell and Errol Parker treat audiences to a no-holds-barred live show in true Betoota-style. They recently hit the stage in Perth with the roadshow to culminate at the Sydney Opera House on December 1. 

Meshel was missing, but now she’s back

While Meshel Laurie’s Nitty Gritty Committee hasn’t published a new episode in 12 months, the show has continued to gain traction. After much demand, Meshel is back. Her latest episode features Netflix’s greatest villain Ken Kratz. He confesses all of his sins, and then lays out, once again, a very compelling case against Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. He also has some interesting new questions for the makers of Making a Murderer.

Gold for The Teacher’s Pet

The Australian’s investigative journalist Hedley Thomas and composer/producer Slade Gibson were announced as the winners of Australian journalism’s highest honour in Brisbane last night.

The Teacher’s Pet explored the 1982 disappearance of Sydney mother Lyn Dawson, bringing investigative reporting to 27 million listeners around the world. Thomas wrote and recorded an average of more than 15,000 words each week, as new informants came forward and the investigation unfolded in real time. Gibson added original music and audio production. The Teacher’s Pet is the only Australian podcast to go to number 1 in the US, the UK, Canada and New Zealand.

The judges described the podcast as “a masterclass in investigative journalism… The investigation uncovered long-lost statements and new witnesses, and prompted police to dig again for the body of Lyn Dawson.”

Read more about this year’s Walkley winners at mediaweek.com.au.

How Real Talk is transforming the mental health conversation

The Real Talk podcast is humanising the real-life experiences of high-profile people and their unexpected journeys with mental health despite a seemingly “perfect” outside life. The series launched last week.

Heart On My Sleeve is the fastest-growing social movement on the internet dedicated to helping those experiencing or supporting others with mental health challenges.

Real Talk, Heart On My Sleeve’s shift into the storytelling space, has been created with the view that the podcast can provide something that allows the listener to feel understood, less alone and isolated, so that they can let go of the shame and make way for a new narrative to emerge.

The Real Talk podcast series shares the experiences of nine high-profile people – Mitch Wallis, Osher Günsberg, Mallika Chopra, Francesca Hung, Ruby Wax, Dr Dan Siegel, Thorald Koren, Nick Ward and Joe Williams.

Mitch Wallis, the host of Real Talk and founder of the Heart On My Sleeve movement, shares his story in episode one. As a young child he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and chose to internalise and suppress his feelings and behaviour rather than seek therapy. While in his teenage years, life on the outside was incredibly normal and privileged, but his mind spiralled and his OCD took on new forms. In the third chapter of his life, Wallis was the youngest intern at Microsoft, was rapidly promoted within the business and at 25 was transferred to Seattle in a global role as a Product Marketing Manager. He seemingly had it all: the luxury car, business class flights, was mixing with celebrities and working on some of the hottest products in the tech industry. On the side he set up a DJ business, managed a yoga certification and ran marathons but his internal world was very different from his external lifestyle.

Mitch said, “The stress was high and constant, equally matched by my ability to hide my inner world. For some reason my old coping techniques started to lose effect. I was dramatically losing faith that I was helpable. I tried everything, from yoga to meditation, but they didn’t replace the huge chunk of fear and deep suffering caused by not knowing who I was or what I was going through.”

Real Talk is available on acast.com and on other podcast platforms.


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