Podcast week: Sami Lukis, Jono Coleman and podcasts at ACRAs

• Sami Lukis on polyamorous dating! Plus Jane Nield’s top 5, Jono Coleman and Podcasts at the ACRAs

Sami Lukis: Romantically Challenged

Former TV and radio host Sami Lukis has jumped into the podcasting pond with her Romantically Challenged PodcastOne series.

“It’s so exciting for me,” she told Mediaweek. “I have been around in media for a couple of decades and at times I feel like I’ve seen it all and done it all. This is a new challenge. I thought that having done radio I could do podcasting.

“They are similar in so many ways, but they are also very different beats. I am so thrilled to be working with PodcastOne’s content director Jennifer Goggin, who has taught me so much.”

When we spoke with Lukis she had five episodes on the PodcastOne platform and was about to record a new batch.

The Romantically Challenged podcast sees Lukis speak one-on-one with a different guest each episode. “When I first pitched this podcast to Jen I was clear this was not a self-help podcast. It is not a dating guide or a how-to. This is just people sharing their experiences.

“I found that when I wrote the book Romantically Challenged I got so much reaction from people. Particularly the chapter about dating over 40 and how incredibly difficult and challenging it is. I speak with many people who are dating over 40.”

Mediaweek doesn’t usually ask about people’s love life when we interview them, but in the case of Sami Lukis it did seem appropriate.

Are you still single?

“I am actually dating,” revealed Lukis. “I had a massive drought for a long time. When I was writing the book last year I really put my head down and subconsciously removed myself from the scene.

I don’t think I went on one date last year. Twelve months without a date.

“But something has happened with this podcast. It is like my good luck charm. I have got my mojo back talking about it perhaps.

“I have been talking about the polyamorous dating culture, which I have learnt about while doing the podcast. Different dating apps now let people talk to different potential partners at the same time. I have dipped my toe in the water and I don’t think I am very good at it. I prefer to just find one nice fella and make that work.”

She didn’t want to give too much away, but she did let slip she was “dating up a storm”.

As to whether it is better for her brand for her to be single, she replied: “I don’t know. I have fallen into this by accident… a single 40+ year-old woman. It is certainly not where I thought I would be.”

The podcaster and author also keeps busy running her own Sami Lukis Travel business. “It was something I started as a side business eight years ago,” Lukis told Mediaweek. “I did tours of New York during my radio holidays. I have just announced my 2019 tours and they sold out within 24 hours. I have never spent a cent on advertising. It is all by word of mouth and on Facebook and Instagram.”

Lukis is branching out a little and heading to Italy next year in addition to her New York trips. The trips attract women 30+. “I originally intended it for single women but at least half of the women are in relationships.”

Lukis keeps the groups small with just 12 people. She runs the whole thing herself including hosting the trip with a walking tour every day and then drinks and dinner every night.

Listen to Romantically Challenged on PodcastOne here.

For information about Sami Lukis Travel click here.

Podcast awards arrive at the ACRAs

Three new podcast categories have been introduced for the 2018 ACRAs to celebrate the best original podcasts produced in Australia. Four awards will be presented – Best Original Podcast (Branded), Best Original Podcast (Unbranded) and Best Radio Show Podcast (Metro and Non-Metro). The winners will be announced on October 20 in Melbourne.

The nominees are:


• The Trials Of The Vampire; Adam Shand & Matt Nikolic, PodcastOne, Southern Cross Austereo
• Mum Says My Memoir Is A Lie; Rosie Waterland, PodcastOne, Southern Cross Austereo
• Sex And Life; Nikki Goldstein & Alexander Mitchell, PodcastOne, Southern Cross Austereo
• Addicted; Ash Bradnam, Nova Entertainment


• Origins Australia Podcast; Ben Lucas, Jamie Lechner & Ross Greenwood, Macquarie Media Limited
• Modern Babies; Nova Entertainment
• Meet Me At The Barre; The Australian Ballet, Amber Petty & the Nova Entertainment Podcast Team, Nova Entertainment
• The Broncos Podcast; The Broncos & the Nova Entertainment Podcast Team, Nova Entertainment


• Whateley: Special Episode – The Australian Cricket Team; Gerard Whateley & Jay Mueller, Pacific Star Network
• Kate, Tim & Marty; Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell & Marty Sheargold, NOVA Entertainment
• Chrissie, Sam & Browny; Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang & Jonathan Brown, Nova Entertainment
• Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O’Neill; David Lutteral, Kip Wightman, Ash Bradnam & Susie O’Neill, NOVA Entertainment

My podcast top 5: Jane Nield

We spoke to Don’t Shoot The Messenger podcast producer Jane Nield last week and she said she can spend up to four hours a day listening to podcasts. “Who do I want to hang out with today?” is the question she asks before choosing an episode. So what does she listen to? Here is her list of favourites.

Crime Writers On: It came about after Serial. I love the dynamic between the hosts.
HowSound: A biweekly podcast on radio storytelling produced by RobRosenthal for PRX and Transom.
The Teacher’s Pet: I have been waiting every Thursday night for each new episode to drop. Over 11m downloads shows how a reporter with support from a newspaper can change our justice system.
The Sounding Board: That is a prerequisite if you work at Crocmedia!
Chat 10 Looks 3: The podcast from Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. I enjoy the fact they record it themselves and the production values aren’t always high-end. I just really enjoy two very intelligent women discussing whatever the hell they like.

 Jono Coleman podcasting in the UK

Australian radio and TV legend Jono Coleman has been revisiting his UK radio mates while on leave from his Studio 10 duties. He’s been recording podcasts with some of his old colleagues at his different radio jobs from his years working in the UK. Stay tuned for details of who he spoke to and how you can listen.


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