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Podcast Week: the underdogs

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Compiled by Jasper Baumann and Tess Connery

Pretty please do not read this interview about Andy Lee’s new interactive audiobook

Whilst Andy Lee may be best known to adults as one half of Hamish and Andy or as host of Nine’s The Hundred, kids will know him as the author of the Do Not Open This Book series.

For the ninth book in the series and the accompanying interactive audiobook – available on LiSTNR – Lee has brought along his partner Bec Harding, as well as Hamish Blake for a cameo, bringing the laughs to both kids and parents alike.

Podcast Week’s Tess Connery spoke with Andy Lee about the audio book companion, and topping the Podcast Ranker for another month. 

“Gosh, doesn’t that sound really weird? Nine of these things, I never expected to publish one,” laughs Lee.

“So this time, it’s built around anxiety that kids have to try new things. It’s called Pretty Please Don’t Open This Book, and Wizz has promised a friend that he’d perform a dance at a recital, and then get super nervous. He doesn’t to do it, and every page you turn brings him closer to the recital, so he wants you to stop immediately.”

please do not open this book andy lee

Anxiety is no small topic, and a big one to tackle for a kids’ book. When asked what the inspiration for the book was, Lee said it came after watching the kids in his own life come up against the feeling.

“I don’t have kids myself, but I spend a lot of time with my nephews – and I just recently had a niece join the family, who this book is dedicated to.

“My nephew, George, was on his way to sing at the grade one school recital. He turned to his mom, my sister, and said ‘I think I’m having a heart attack’ on the drive there – not understanding what nerves are, and not understanding what his body was doing.

“So while we found that very funny at the time – he said, ‘how can my heart be racing when I haven’t even run anywhere?’ – it felt like a great theme. Even in adult life, people are a bit scared to try new things, so it felt like a really natural fit for the next book.”

Usually found recording as himself on the Hamish & Andy podcast, Lee says that voice acting on the audiobook for Pretty Please Don’t Open This Book has been a fun change.

“People ask me about the voice! This is the voice I used to read the books to my nephews, and they liked that voice the most after we tried a bunch of different ones. I wouldn’t say it was Leonardo DiCaprio levels of thought into how this character was going to be portrayed, but I have really enjoyed exploring it and working harder at making it sound half decent.”

Ultimately the main takeaway Lee hopes kids get from the book is the courage to try something new.

“We’re often worried about what people are going to think, and that with everything we try or attempt we worry that we’re not going to be good enough. That is very common throughout all our lives.

“That’s the one takeaway if kids are trying something new – it doesn’t have to be a dance, whatever it might be – you don’t have to follow the herd.”

Outside of the book world, the Hamish & Andy podcast has kept its #1 position on the most recent Podcast Ranker. “To be honest, Hamish, I don’t follow that stuff too closely,” said Lee.

Hamish & Andy

“It takes someone tapping us on the shoulder to say that it’s ranking well – we’re just chuffed that anyone would listen to the show. 

“But we also know the power of people jumping on, and the community that is and built. People’s ideas are so fun and funny, so the more people that join the better the show gets. 

“We’ve got this fun community. It’s not our show, it’s their show, and hopefully that is reflected in the content.”

[Listen to the Pretty Please Don’t Open This Book interactive audiobook here]

Mark Andrew and Kevin Hillier’s new podcast is all about the King of Rock n Roll

Mark Andrew and Kevin Hillier‘s new podcast, a little less conversation a little more ELVIS takes listeners inside the Kingdom with access to the people who were there when the icon was at his highest and lowest. 

Listeners will be able to hear Elvis stories from staff, friends, fans, fellow musicians and promoters. Episode 1 features Sam Thompson, the head of Elvis’ personal security team and brother of Linda Thompson, girlfriend of the King for a number of years. Sam was part of the inner sanctum.

Mark Andrew said: “I love preserving the history of Elvis and with the connections I have made over the years, I thought: why not contact these people and get them to have a little chat about the King? I have been sitting at dinner tables and heard the stories and I thought these should be shared with Elvis fans.”

[Listen to a little less conversation a little more ELVIS here]

Influencer Chloe Grayling launches new podcast series, The Sunshine Project

Chloe Grayling, known online as @LoveChloeJane has announced the launch of her new podcast, The Sunshine Project

The show is a blend of emotions, discussions, and connections.

The Sunshine Project delves into the intricacies of life, exploring themes like love, grief, friendship, money, social media, mental health, self-confidence, and the essence of home.

Speaking about her podcast, Chloe Grayling said, “The Sunshine Project is more than just a podcast; it’s a genuine connection with people. I want people to feel like they’re part of something bigger, a shared experience. We’ll be talking about the things that really matter, and i hope our discussions resonate with everyone who tunes in”. 

[Listen to The Sunshine Project here]

New shows coming to 9Podcasts this month

So I Quit My Day Job

The podcast is joining the Nine podcast family for its fifth season as it travels the bumpy road to achieving your dreams and speaks to those who have successfully made the leap.

Each week host, Catherine Mahoney speaks to a different person who has quit their jobs and followed their heart. From hairdresser to crime scene cleaner, to air hostess to funeral homes, the world of magazines to baby whispering, banker to teacher, music teacher to skin care guru, journalist to high-class escort – everyone has a story to share.

[Listen Here]


9Podcasts and dedicated Australian science news service, Cosmosmagazine.com are out to debunk topical myths in the news cycle.

In the age of misinformation, Debunks will use science to test and debunk common misconceptions. Covering a wide range of subjects from EV batteries, to fitness trackers, bushfires to vices – the podcast will explain the basic and detailed science behind the topic.

[Listen Here]

The Heart of Racing

Neil Breen from Nine’s Wide World of Sports has teamed up with Sydney’s youngest metro trainer, Will Freedman for a new podcast.

Each week they’re diving into the yarns that make Australian horse racing unlike any other sport – featuring the trainers and owners, jockeys and strappers, bookies, mug punters and colourful characters.

[Listen here]

Rugby World Cup: Inside Line

Journalists Michael Atkinson from Stan Sport, Tom Decent from The Sydney Morning Herald, and Sam Worthington from Wide World of Sports dive headfirst into all things rugby and celebrate the pinnacle of international competition: the 2023 Rugby World Cup live from France.

[Listen Here]

Hamish Blake headlines the Aussie dads talking to a parenting educator about being The Good Enough Dad

In LiSTNR’s new podcast series, The Good Enough Dad, parenting educator, author and champion of boys and men, Maggie Dent talks to some featured dads about their wins, challenges and stuff-ups, proving along the way that being “good enough” is exactly what kids need.

“Aiming to be a GOOD dad is important, but you know what, research actually shows that being a good ENOUGH parent is how you ace it,” said Maggie Dent.

Throughout the 26-episode season, Dent chats with a variety of dads including, Hamish Blake, Ben Hannant, Gus Worland, Sean Szeps, John Butler, Stephen Page and more.

“This podcast will have listeners laughing, nodding in agreement, reliving their own experiences and groaning in understanding,” said Dent. “Being a dad is not easy. I hope listeners want to high five themselves or hug their own dad for all the incredible things he’s doing and done in their lives.”

[Listen to The Good Enough Dad here]

Joel Creasey spills the tea on The Real Housewives of Sydney companion podcast on Nova

The Nova Entertainment Podcast Network has launched The Real Housewives of Sydney companion podcast, hosted by Joel Creasey.

real housewives

For lovers of the drama, allure, and intrigue of the new season of The Real Housewives of Sydney, the podcast will be the perfect way to delve deeper into the alliances and secrets of the show. Each week, Joel will chat to the housewives at the centre of the drama, giving fans access to the goss from behind the scenes.

With the show having hit BINGE screens this week, Joel uses the first episode to chat to Jonathon Moran, entertainment editor at the Daily Telegraph, to get the downlow on the seven formidable women who will be gracing screens and welcoming viewers into their homes and lives.

[Listen to The Real Housewives of Sydney here]

iHeart & The Daily Aus launch The Voice Explained

ARN’s iHeart and The Daily Aus have announced the launch of The Voice Explained to help young Australians participating in the first referendum in their lifetime.

The Daily Aus podcast will host a special ‘Voice’ series from the 9th to 14th of October where The Daily Aus journalist Tom Crowley will explain what Australians need to know to make an informed decision on voting day.

the daily aus

The series features interviews with big names in the Voice political landscape, including a range of First Nations voices, from leading ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigners Marcia Langton and Warren Mundine, to on-the-ground regional perspectives from Broome and Fitzroy Crossing.

The podcast will also include an exclusive interview with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, with The Daily Aus putting young Australians’ questions directly to the PM.

[Listen to The Voice Explained here]

Schwartz Media’s 7am podcast launches The fight for a Voice series

From Monday October 9, 7am’s latest special series, The fight for a Voice, will work to provide an in-depth guide to understanding the referendum.

Hosted by award-winning Yorta Yorta writer and broadcaster Daniel James, the week-long narrative series will unpack key questions concerning the Voice. Throughout the week, James will interview players from both sides of the Voice debate, including Marcia Langton, Lidia Thorpe, Megan Davis, Thomas Mayo, Julian Leeser and others.

The series will explain the history of the Voice proposal, the cases for and against, and the impact the referendum will have on the country.

“A moment as significant as this referendum requires us to serve our audience better than ever and to bring them quality independent journalism they can trust,” editor of 7am Scott Mitchell said. “This series will give our audience the context and history, and bring them the stories of the people who have spent their lives driving towards this vote – both those campaigning for it and against it.”

[Listen to The fight for a Voice here]

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