IAB launches Search Working Group for agencies to make the most of search investments

IAB Australia

Indago Digital’s MD, Gary Nissim has been appointed as Chair

IAB Australia has launched a Search Working Group to look at how agencies and brands can make the most of their search investments and plan for future technological and behavioural changes.

Indago Digital’s MD, Gary Nissim has been appointed as Chair, while other group members are drawn from Google, Microsoft, Ryval Media, Half Dome and dentsu.

As well as providing guidance on best practices and exploring the synergies between paid search and other digital advertising options, the group will be focussed on upskilling people who are currently working in the industry to deal with major changes in the search engine marketing industry, as well as understanding consumer search habits with the rise of AI.

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia commented “Search investment is a significant part of most companies paid media mix and I am thrilled that this group will help navigate the industry through changes in the search market many driven by developments in machine learning and generative AI.

“Increases in visual, retail, voice and social search are all creating new opportunities for marketers and having a group of experienced leaders developing current resources for the local market will be of huge benefit to the industry,” said Le Roy.

Gary Nissim, chair of the Search Working Group, and Indago Digital’s MD said “Our industry is facing numerous changes in search marketing, none more so that generative search, so there is no doubt that it’s the right time for the formation of this working group. We are launching with some amazing founding members, who like me, are passionate about search marketing, its future and about being a part of this working group.”

Search marketing currently represents over 40% of digital advertising market investments in Australia.

Top image: Gary Nissim

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