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More Healthy Her

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Amelia Phillips

When she first started podcasting Amelia Phillips was passing on news from the frontline as a busy mum as well as sharing the learning of experts in different fields. Her children are now a little older, but still a challenge for any mum, let alone a busy nutrition expert, presenter, trainer, blogger and podcaster. The kids are now just a little older, aged 2, 4, 6 and 7.

“Since I launched Healthy Her I have found my niche that I have fallen in love with,” Phillips told Mediaweek. She said in her new season of PodcastOne episodes she is challenging her experts a little more.

“I have given expert opinions in the media over the past 15 years and I have noticed a real shift in how consumers receive expert advice. People used to just want to hear what to do. After an explosion of advice on offer in the health space, some of it conflicting, many people now almost have a health hangover after it seems too hard at times.

“What I have tried to do with Healthy Her, is not only get guidance from experts, but also run it through the mum lens and take the guilt factor down a notch and make things easier to achieve.”

Phillips is a nutritionist and a body scientist and was co-founder of the Michelle Bridges Body Transformation program. “In that program we helped mums get healthy which gave me a unique insight into what works.”

Part of the Healthy Her episodes this year were made up a special Covid season which was obviously not planned. “PodcastOne was able to turn around content super quickly and when school lockdown was announced I did an episode with a home-schooling expert.”

Phillips told us her new episodes are the best she’s ever done. “I have found the formula of what works. Of recent episodes I was excited by ‘Getting your sex life back on track’ with Dr Nikki. I also did podcasts with two New York Times bestselling authors on IBS and gut health, and another on a time management blueprint for mums.” Phillips also mentioned an episode for mums worrying about their child’s weight which had lots of good feedback.

Phillips also recorded a fun episode with David Campbell on parenting from a dad’s perspective.

Listen to Healthy Her here.

iHeartPodcast Network partners with Podsights on measurement

ARN has expanded its partnership with Podsights to enable clients to monitor and measure the effectiveness of podcast advertising in real-time.

The expanded partnership sees Podsights’ reporting and attribution capabilities included with every iHeartPodcast Network Australia campaign. Each client is provided with their own dashboard to track reporting across impressions, reach, frequency, location and more. Clients can take measurement a step further with attribution, monitoring conversion from listen to website visit and purchase.

podsights iHeartMedia

“We are excited to expand our partnership with ARN,” said Sarah Cotenoff, head of partnerships at Podsights. “The introduction of our technology across all iHeartPodcast Network Australia campaigns instantly elevates measurement standards and expectations for local advertisers to track their return on investment.”

“Podcast measurement has historically been an issue for brands,” said Corey Layton, ARN head of commercial audio and podcasts. “Podsights has set the standard of what advertisers should expect which, combined with the strength and scale of our podcast slate, provides brands with a highly effective and measurable channel to engage audiences.”

The Podsights partnership comes as the iHeartPodcast Network Australia releases October listener data from technology provider, Megaphone. The data from over 1m+ Australian devices shows a massive jump in listening, up 72% since the start of 2020 (Oct20 v Jan20). October is also a record month for listening across the platform.

The Denyers: Grant and Chezzi want to keep control

Grant Chezzi Denyer

Chezzi and Grant Denyer

There was no grand plan behind the decision of Grant and Cheryl Denyer to launch a podcast this year. The series Grant & Chezzi has been a runaway hit and has delighted fans and the media. The first series ends next week.

There has been interest from the major podcast platforms, but the media power couple want to keep control and to continue recording in the bedroom of the podcast’s anchorman!

“We spent a lot of time together during Covid, and we like each other’s company. Over the years we haven’t had the chance to have many proper adult discussions,” Chezzi told Mediaweek on a call from the couple’s idyllic regional NSW property.

Grant added: “So we thought wouldn’t it be funny if we recorded those discussions and released them as a podcast!” [Laughs]

TV Week Gold Logie-winner Grant explained he has had around 300 nights away doing TV and radio in the past 30 months – mainly for SCA and Network 10. “I have been an absent family member and during Covid we really got to know one another again.”

The couple used to work a lot together as the weather producer and presenter for Sunrise. “We initially clashed and hated each other,” explained Grant. “We were very opinionated, and it didn’t work, at least off air.”

The fun of the series is listening to how Grant and Chezzi get on now and the details of how the relationship built over the years.

The couple are no strangers to the media, with both of them keen to explode many of the untrue stories floating around. “The truth is often a lot more out there than the stories than have been written about us,” said Chezzi.

Grant: “When we started recording episodes, we realised our life is way crazier than any New Idea article could ever be.

While Grant acknowledged he had done well out of being the “smiley game-show guy in a nice suit with white teeth,” he is happy now to add more substance and authenticity to his story. “I am happy to admit not everything is glossy and perfect. Things can be hard and harrowing, there are mistakes and we have made plenty of them. I liken the podcast to throwing off a pretend media shell.

“We really enjoy being looser than we’ve ever been and shooting from the hip.”

The couple confirmed that two of the biggest platforms had wanted to talk about a possible partnership, and they wouldn’t reveal if it was PodcastOne and iHeartMedia. “We want to keep doing it on our own. I have only ever made shows for other people where networks own the IP. It is good to create something that is just ours.

The show’s anchorman is 19-year-old audio buff George Sargent who also has his own podcast, The Convo. “He’s always loved radio and he has built a studio in his bedroom in the middle of nowhere,” said Grant.

Season one of Grant & Chezzi ends next week and the couple have already started recording season two which starts soon.

Listen to Grant & Chezzi here.

Patreon and Acast announce a collaboration

Patreon and Acast have joined forces to make patron-only podcast content available to listeners across all of the major podcast platforms.

The collaboration enables podcasters on Patreon to distribute private, patron-only content to their listeners’ podcast app of choice – including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Overcast, the Acast app, and more. The integration allows podcasters to publish content via a private patron-only RSS feed, and with a plan upgrade, enables them to manage both their public and private feeds from the same place. Podcasters will also have access to data and insights about their listeners.

Patreon podcasters can manage both free and patron-only content across all of their different Patreon membership tiers via a single dashboard, while Acast provides creators with its podcast analytics as the only podcast company with all four measurement standards compliant with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

“All creators should be able to reach the audience their content deserves, and to be fairly compensated for that,” said Leandro Saucedo, chief business and strategy officer at Acast. “Alongside Patreon, we’re taking our biggest step to date in our mission to support the global creator community, helping podcasters get their content out to more people. Creators thrive in an ecosystem where they can freely create, connect with their audiences, and make a living from their work across any platform – and this collaboration is all about supporting and enabling that.”

The technology will be launched for all Patreon podcasters this month, and follows a private beta that several high-profile creators – including Sleep With Me, 90 Day Gays, and other notable podcasters – participated in over the past few months.

Tia Maria sponsors One of a Kind hosted by Erin Holland

To coincide with new branding, Tia Maria has launched a new podcast series, featuring stories from one of a kind Australians. Including one of Australia’s top fashion designers, entrepreneurs, authors and a man who beat cancer at a young age.

Each week, a new episode will be released in which TV presenter and former Miss World Australia Erin Holland delves into personal stories of unique Australians.

The first episode of the podcast will feature author, actor, singer and social influencer Suzan Mutesi. Since moving to Australia from Uganda where she was born, Mutesi has been hard at work, focussing on her career and building a community on and offline that she can help uplift. Though starting out in the fashion industry, she has segued into acting, singing, modelling and has recently released her first book: Unapologetically Black: Afro Sisters.

The second episode will take listeners through Alexander Porter’s leukemia diagnosis and journey to remission back when he was only 20. Followed by Oz Swim Group’s creative director and fashion designer Kristian Chase, who is responsible for the collections within Aqua Blu and Heaven Swimwear which have been showcased on the world’s biggest runways.

Listen to One of a Kind here.

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3. No Such Thing as a Fish (Audioboom)

Radio: Breakfast
The Kyle and Jackie O Show (iHeartMedia)
2. SEN Breakfast (Sports Entertainment Network)
3. Jase & PJ (iHeartMedia)

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2. Whateley (Sports Entertainment Network)
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The Howie Games (PodcastOne)
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3. The Briefing (PodcastOne)

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