Perth Radio Wrap: Day 1 – West Coast rule, so does Nova 93.7

• The breakfast trio have been together since 2009

Five weeks ago we started our ambitious tour around the five metro markets, which ends this week in Perth.

The trip has taken us so long in fact that the final two days of the Perth market summary will include data from GfK survey six.

Nova 93.7 Survey 5 shares: 10+ 13.9%, Breakfast 15.0%

Cumulative audience: 10+ 568,000, Breakfast 367,000

Nathan, Nat and Shaun returned to work this morning at Perth’s #1 radio station after a week and one day off air.

The team was assembled using the standard model for a breakfast show – a footballer, a reality TV star and a chiropractor. Shaun McManus played 228 games for the Dockers (and is a cousin of Rove). Nathan Morris spent 57 days in the Big Brother house. Natalie Locke was a chiropractor who now works in radio full-time.

Natalie Locke visited the MCG on the weekend to cheer her beloved West Coast Eagles. She sounded more husky than ever this morning, telling her colleagues: “This is the best I have sounded in three days.”

The breakfast trio have been together since 2009 and they must be close to the record for the longest-running metro FM breakfast show at the one station.

Their breakfast ratings have never been stronger and the show helps lift the station across the day. This summary after survey five details how hot Nova has been recently:

Nova 93.7 is Perth’s number 1 station with a share of 13.9%, and has the most listeners with 568,000.

Nathan, Nat & Shaun is Perth’s number 1 breakfast show with a record share of 15.0%, and has the most listeners with 367,000.

Dave McClung has the most listeners in afternoons, 316,000.

Kate, Tim and Marty followed by Fitzy and Wippa have the number 1 drive show with a share of 15.4%, and have the most listeners with 311,000.

Smallzy’s Surgery is the number 1 night show with a share of 14.6%, and has the most listeners with 119,00.

Nova 93.7 has the most listeners 10-17 (31.0%), 18-39 (21.9%), 18-44 (22.1%), 18-54 (18.8%), 25-39 (22.1%), 25-44 (22.4%), 25-54 (18.4%) Under 40 (23.7%), Under 50 (21.2%) and Under 60 (18.8%).


Nova programming boss Paul Jackson continues to be thrilled with the Perth performance.

“I spoke to the breakfast team on survey day and their share is just astonishing,” Jackson told Mediaweek.

“They are absolutely world class and I can’t talk highly enough of Nathan, Nat and Shaun.

Jackson wanted to keep a lid on any wild predictions about future results.

“To win two surveys in a row is certainly a shift and a breakthrough. I’m sure Mix will win a few more surveys and so will we.”

Listen to Perth Nova podcast

Mediaweek’s James Manning spoke with Natalie Locke as part of the Nova Entertainment Women In Radio season of podcasts Mediaweek conducted earlier this year.

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