New series Outback Opal Hunters coming to Discovery Channel in February

‘A rollercoaster of hope and heartbreak’

Discovery Channel will follow four crews of fearless opal miners around the Aussie outback in new show Outback Opal Hunters.

The eight-part series, created by Prospero Productions (Outback Truckers, Railroad Australia), launches on Thursday February 8, 2018, and heads across Australia to Lightning Ridge (NSW), Opalton (Qld) and Coober Pedy (SA).

Discovery is slating Outback Opal Hunters as “a rollercoaster of hope and heartbreak as we delve deep inside the world of opal mining to find out just what it is that has our crews hooked on the hunt”.

Worldwide demand for opal has soared in recent times, causing prices to skyrocket, and making it one of the most valuable gemstones in market. A single stone can be worth millions of dollars and over 90% of it comes from just one place on the planet: the remote Australian Outback.

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