News Corp announces its women’s network WHIMN

The website will be live with content in early 2017, when editor Felicity Harley starts.

News Digital Networks Australia’s managing director Nicole Sheffield has announced the launch of, the company’s new female content platform which will be live in the first quarter of next year.

News DNA MD Nicole Sheffield

News DNA MD Nicole Sheffield, the With Her in Mind Network, will offer a variety of content, from lifestyle to entertainment to news and opinion and all “with her in mind”. The new site will spearhead women’s content across News DNA. The company’s already category-leading sites in news, food, home, fashion and parenting will drive content and referrals from day one to make Australia’s leading female destination.

Sheffield said: “In doing extensive research for this new site, it became very clear that Australian women are not satisfied with the current local women’s sites. They’ve moved on and are increasingly consuming content from international brands. It’s a cluttered environment. However, when we did the research we saw there were not enough premium female environments so there was a real opportunity to create something which is local in nature and global in flavour.

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“ will deliver a mix of traditional and progressive products to reflect the brand and engage a strong digital audience. Video is a huge part of the site so we are investing heavily in ensuring we deliver the best video offering. We have some exclusive international content deals in place along with an exciting local production schedule as this is what the audience demands. We’re very confident in our video offering and that it will resonate with our audience and also deliver on our clients’ needs.”


NewsLifeMedia’s executive editor women’s network Melissa Overman

Executive women’s network editor Melissa Overman said: “Over the last six months we’ve researched the market, starting with a non-traditional approach of identifying our audience by using social media data. We know that a woman’s digital fingerprint is stronger than ever and that social media has become part of her identity. We found this audience to be engaging in powerful and often intimate conversations with family and friends as well as brands and personalities. This direct connection and relationship will be the key to the content strategy at

“ will focus on delivering women more of what they want, which is smart, honest and fun stories in a variety of ways. There is a lot of strategy behind this site. It is not about aggregating content. What we can commit to is knowing our audience better than anyone, actually listening to them and ensuring that everything we do from content to social, campaigns to innovation, commercial and design will all be ‘with her in mind’.”

Founding editor of Women's Health Felicity Harley editor Felicity Harley

Felicity Harley has been appointed editor of and joins the business in January 2017. joins News DNA’s digital network of trusted brands including,,,, and The business has built enviable digital relationships with Australian women that will be used to drive audience to the site from launch.



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