News Corp revamps dailies, launches new COVID-19 section

• The biggest single repositioning ever of the mastheads

The editor of The Daily Telegraph, Ben English, told Mediaweek on Monday about impending changes to the daily newspaper. Today the company has revealed some of the changes.

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News Corp Australia is transforming the content of its leading metro news brands to reflect the unprecedented changes Coronavirus is having on Australians.

In the biggest single repositioning ever of the mastheads, today’s editions of The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Courier-Mail and The Advertiser feature significant changes to pivot them with the aim of being the nation’s leading source of trusted news and information about the COVID-19 crisis.

The changes include the introduction of a new eight-page section, HiberNation, to provide practical advice and tips to help Australians with their lives during this crisis. Today’s inaugural edition provides expert advice for parents to help their childrens’ learning at home now that schools across the country are closing.

HiberNation will focus on three key news areas – health; education; and jobs, business and economy – and will feature reporting and insights from senior News Corp journalists as well as informed advice from acknowledged international experts in their relevant fields.

As audiences spend more time at home, the papers will also include TV and entertainment guides, recipes from Australia’s number one food media brand, as well as puzzles catered to all ages.

The changes are expected to be rolled out across News Corp Australia’s regional titles in coming days as well as websites and apps.

The metro news brands are also implementing some significant changes to sports coverage. Despite all codes suspending or cancelling seasons there remains enormous thirst among readers to know what is happening, what the future of their clubs is and what the players are doing with their time.

Peter Blunden, chairman of the editorial board at News Corp Australia said the changes marked a significant re-positioning of the mastheads to cement their role as the nation’s leading source of trusted news and information on Coronavirus.

“No story we’ve ever told has been so big, so rapid to evolve or so widespread.

“The content changes launched today reflect the scale and impact that all Australians are feeling due to this unfolding crisis. Our readers are turning to us in record numbers for advice and we’re adapting to meet this demand.”

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