Herald Sun and Advertiser enter enemy territory with ads before Grand Final

‘It’s an historic moment and we wanted to have some fun with it’

Two News Corp Australia newspapers – Melbourne’s Herald Sun and Adelaide’s The Advertiser – have today invaded enemy territory by placing ads teasing footy fans in each other’s publications.

Designed specifically to ruffle Crows fans’ feathers, a Herald Sun advertisement in The Advertiser includes the provocative entreaty “See you in Tiger Town!” with the tongue-in-cheek kicker: “Bring your tissues”.

Meanwhile The Advertiser’s message – brought to life across a full page in the Herald Sun – is designed to agitate even the tamest Tiger with a special gift for the 0.01% of Victorians not barracking for Richmond.

Dan Demaria, general manager, marketing & circulation – South Australia, said: “It would be a fairytale ending for Richmond to win but we look forward to the Crows being the big, bad wolf.”

Kammeron George, general manager, marketing & circulation – Victoria, said the “off-field” creative placements added to the intensity of the interstate rivalry on field.

“It’s an historic moment and we wanted to have some fun with it,” she said.

“The Herald Sun is for the fans and for fuelling their passions. There’s common ground between us and The Tiser – we love footy and we’re hungry to win.

“Plus, we had to run the Tigers ad in South Australia because there’s no yellow ink left at our print plant in Victoria!”

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