Outdoor campaign: News.com.au & QMS deliver the news in colour

The tongue-in-cheek concept forms part of a larger campaign for News.com.au.

News.com.au has unveiled its cheeky outdoor media creative across QMS’s national digital billboard network as a part of their cross-platform News in Colour consumer campaign.

• Bright colours and simple messaging: News.com.au and Bohemia reunite for brand campaign

In collaboration with Bohemia Group, News.com.au’s outdoor campaign sees pop culture and news colourfully collide across QMS’s iconic large format digitals in a series of contrasting stories that echo the current news cycle.

Brett Dawson, CEO of Bohemia, commented on the importance of digital outdoor immediacy saying, “This campaign success hinges on the agility of the Bohemia team working with News.com.au to deliver the news in colour, fast. In some instances already, we are under 12 hours from news breaking to a live billboard nationally. The story breaks, we crack creative concept with contrasting news story, design and dispatch. Digital outdoor allows us to connect with culture at scale.”

Steve Bovey, general manager of operations at QMS, echoed Dawson saying: “News.com.au has the unique ability to cleverly communicate key headlines in a tactical and relevant way in accordance with the news cycle. The immediate and fast-paced scheduling of their creative is a direct reflection of the way in which the site operates to break news as it happens.”

The tongue-in-cheek concept forms part of a larger campaign for News.com.au, with TVCs and digital assets being updated in correlation with the outdoor campaign to highlight that the latest news stories can be found at News.com.au.

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