Thursday May 24, 2018

Mediaweek TV: 2.30pm today on Sky News Business

Joining Mediaweek editor James Manning on Mediaweek TV today is The Readership Works General Manager Mal Dale.

The Readership Works (TRW) this week announced a renewed collaboration with the research agencies Ipsos and Nielsen which sees Ipsos continue to measure print audience readership for the next five years while Nielsen will incorporate print data with digital ratings to provide cross-platform audience data.

The changes will allow publishers to better to compete for ad dollars in the $15b Australian ad market.

To talk about the changes and what it means for publishers and advertisers is the general manager of the publishers trade group The Readership Works, Mal Dale.

Tom Malone: Nine still interested in 2019 tennis "if the price is right"

• Nine interested in summer without sport: “Has anyone tested it?”
• New-look State Of Origin series, investing in Suncorp Super Netball

Tom Malone on Nine’s Wide World of Sports part 2. Read part 1 here.

By James Manning

With Nine’s tennis rights not kicking in until January 1, 2020 – which sounds and is a long way off – Mediaweek asked Nine director of sport Tom Malone if he had discussions with Seven about acquiring the rights to the 2019 Australian Open and associated tennis properties. Such a deal would give Seven back some cash and allow them to focus on cricket.

“Not directly,” he replied. “Seven has said it is keen to hang onto both. That is a decision for Seven to make.”

As to interest at Nine in a deal, Malone added: “There is an opportunity there for Nine to take tennis a year early if the price is right. We wouldn’t be able to go much later than this month to decide on that because there is a whole lot of work to do on production and commercialisation.”

He noted if there was no tennis deal for Nine early, there would be a financial win for the network in the financial year 2018/19.

“There would also be a chance for us to have a look at what happens when you don’t have a summer sport.

This is an excerpt from the full article, which appears on Mediaweek Premium. Read the full article hereor subscribe to Mediaweek Premium here.

Publishers turn to podcasts as extension of magazine brands

With a number of podcasts launching off the back of magazine brands so far this year, Brooke Hemphill from Magazine Networks takes a look at the growing trend.

If you needed further evidence that magazine brands have moved well beyond the printed page, look no further than the explosion of podcasts being produced by Australian magazine publishers. In recent months, a variety of podcasts have launched off the back of popular magazine brands and there are plenty more in the works.

The driver of the growing interest in audio from publishers is, according to Louisa Hatfield, general manager, entertainment & family at Pacific, the audience. Hatfield said: “We need to connect with our audience on whatever platform they’re consuming content. And we all know that podcasts are one of the fastest-growing storytelling mediums.”

Research firm Edison has reported 30% of Australians have listened to a podcast at some point with 17% having listened to one in the last month. Edison research also noted the audience for podcasts is predominately 18-to-54-year-olds with the Australian podcast listener an affluent, educated consumer.

Although most people are listening to podcasts while at home, the car is coming in a close second.

True crime is a trend that’s fast become a podcast staple following the US smash hit Serial, which launched back in 2014. In February, Pacific’s New Idea launched New Idea Investigates, a true-crime podcast that reopens the cold cases of some of the country’s most famous crimes. Hosted by veteran journalist Mary-Ann Harris, the podcast includes interviews with victims’ families, police and witnesses.

Paul Weaving, head of product development at Bauer Media, said: “True crime has become really popular in podcasts, but real life’s a natural extension of that.”

Seeing a gap in the real life podcasting market, earlier this year Bauer launched Ripper Real Life, a podcast featuring the wacky real-life stories that appear in Take 5 magazine. Ripper Real Life is hosted by the magazine’s editor, Paul Merrill, and narrated by deputy editor Kate Kirsten. Weaving says: “The team has great natural chemistry. They have worked together for a long time and it’s just really entertaining from the first listen.”

Ripper Real Life is the second new podcast from Bauer in recent months with the launch of Woman’s Day Uncensored, a topical look at celebrity entertainment news and gossip. Woman’s Day editor-in-chief Fiona Connolly leads a discussion that can span from Delta Goodrem to Elvis Presley and everything in between. “The idea of this is that these are real stories behind the big topics of the week, whatever’s going on the magazine. It could be what’s in the magazine, it could be what’s developed in the days since we went to print,” said Weaving.

Who magazine has also recently launched two podcasts – TV Binge List, previewing the best on TV, and Who Are You, which features celebrity interviews hosted by Pete Timbs. Another two are in the pipeline from the brand. Meanwhile That’s Life! has launched How I Survived, which details gripping true stories of women who have survived against the odds.

And that’s not all from Pacific. New Idea Royals launched in mid-April tapping into the frenzy following the birth of the royal baby and the wedding of Harry and Meghan. The podcast is hosted by the magazine’s editor, Frances Sheen, who is joined by longtime royal reporter Angela Mollard.

Continued at

Top photo: Take 5’s Mary Bischarn, Kim Bonett, Kate Kirsten and Paul Merrill

Stan’s original feature film The Second to release in cinemas nationwide

Stan and Screen Queensland’s original feature film The Second will premiere in cinemas nationwide on July 5.

Following its theatrical premiere, the film will be simultaneously available to subscribers on Stan from July 20. This is the first release of its kind in Australia, according to the SVOD provider.

Stan has launched the trailer for The Second and released key art and a selection of images.

The Second stars Rachael Blake (Lantana, Sleeping Beauty), Susie Porter (The Monkey’s Mask, Better Than Sex, Two Hands), Vince Colosimo (Chopper, Stingers, The Secret Life Of Us, Underbelly), Martin Sacks (A Place To Call Home, The Cup, Love in Limbo) and Susan Prior (The Rover, Puberty Blues, Muriel’s Wedding).

Shot last year on location in Jimbour, northwest of Brisbane, The Second, is director Mairi Cameron’s first feature film. It is written and produced by Stephen Lance with Leanne Tonkes as producer. Mind Blowing World is handling the theatrical distribution.

Director Mairi Cameron

Stan’s chief content officer Nick Forward said: “With a standout cast, a terrific script from Stephen Lance, and Mairi Cameron doing such a fantastic job in her feature film directorial debut, we’re hugely proud of The Second. We’re excited to be delivering yet another Australian first with this release strategy and are grateful to Screen Queensland for its support in bringing The Second to the screen.”

The Second follows the author of a celebrated erotic memoir, whose newfound success is threatened when her best friend and muse reveals the truth behind the memoir’s provenance, igniting an incendiary tale of sex, lies and betrayal.

This is the first project developed and produced under the Screen Queensland Originals program in partnership with Stan.

The Second has been selected in the upcoming 2018 Sydney Film Festival, after recently opening this year’s Gold Coast Film Festival.

Watch the trailer at

Top photo: Rachael Blake and Susie Porter in The Second

TV Ratings Analysis: Wednesday May 24

• Nigella sees red in MasterChef team challenge as series is #1 again
• Nine wins the midweek war with 3 in top 5: News, ACA, Young Sheldon

By James Manning


Ash was back in the Bay on Summer Bay with the midweek episode on 696,000 after two nights of 690,000 and 662,000.

Work on Josh and Brandon’s “ultimate pad” continued, much of it happening during a heavy downpour. The episode did 682,000 after 651,000 a week ago.

Two episodes of Modern Family were let loose around 8.45pm and did 417,000 and 327,000.

Episode six of Back With The Ex and the couples were on the trip of a lifetime for the audience of 171,000.


After its primary channel slipped to third place on Tuesday night, Nine has moved back to top spot, now winning three of the four nights so far this week.

A Current Affair uncovered an insurance scandal amongst other things last night with 788,000 watching after two nights close to 900,000 and then 800,000.

Two episodes of Young Sheldon were rolled out after 7.30pm to audiences of 715,000 and 677,000.

Episode four of Britain’s Got Talent then did 522,000 after 516,000 a week ago.

An encore screening of Talkin’ ’Bout Your Generation was on 234,000 after 678,000 watched the Monday 7.30pm launch.


The Project turned into a stage show for its last 15 minutes with Anne Edmonds as fashion guru Helen Bidou creating havoc on the set before she stormed off. The Wednesday episode wasn’t to all tastes but did 570,000.

Nigella Lawson in MasterChef

A cafe takeover was the setting for the battle of the brunches in the midweek team challenge. Real customers, real orders and real dockets! Nigella Lawson helped the judges choose red as the winner, guided by team leader Aldo. After 762,000 watched the team challenge last week, last night’s challenge did 813,000. MasterChef was also the #1 show for the night again in the key demos.

Episode two of the new US drama Instinct then did 414,000 after launching on 428,000.

Vegas, Baby was the name of the This Is Us episode with 149,000 watching.


It was night 2 of Stargazing Live and the show was attempting to set a world record for the number of people stargazing at the same time. You need to be watching tonight when Dr Karl will reveal the result. After 463,000 on Tuesday, Stargazing was on 497,000 last night.

Gruen moved to 9pm with much about attracting 680,000 on board.

The Weekly followed after 9.30pm with 434,000, featuring Andrew Denton the very entertaining guest on Hard Chat.


Michael Mosley’s Secrets Of Your Food episode two was on 208,000 at 7.30pm.

Untold Australia followed Orthodox Chabad Rabbis on a road trip like no other with 203,000 watching.

Episode 12 of The Good Fight was the penultimate episode of season 2 and did 124,000.

Week 21 TV: Wednesday
ABC Seven Nine Ten SBS
ABC 13.9% 7 17.9% 9 19.1% TEN 14.1% SBS One 4.6%
ABC 2 3.3% 7TWO 4.9% GO! 3.6% ONE 2.6% VICELAND 0.7%
ABC ME 0.8% 7mate 3.0% GEM 2.6% ELEVEN 1.9% Food Net 0.8%
ABC NEWS 1.5% 7flix 2.7% 9Life 1.7% NITV 0.4%
TOTAL 19.5% 28.4% 27.0% 18.7% 6.5%
ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates Ten Affiliates SBS
ABC 12.2% 7 19.3% 9 18.0% WIN 12.5% SBS One 3.4%
ABC 2 3.5% 7TWO 6.1% GO! 3.5% ONE 2.6% VICELAND 0.6%
ABC ME 1.2% 7mate 3.7% GEM 3.4% ELEVEN 3.0% Food Net 0.9%
ABC NEWS 1.6% 7flix 2.4% 9Life 1.7% NITV 0.2%
TOTAL 18.5% 31.5% 26.6% 18.1% 5.1%
84.8% 15.2%
Wednesday FTA
  1. Seven News Seven 1,071,000
  2. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 999,000
  3. Nine News Nine 956,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 952,000
  5. MasterChef Australia Ten 813,000
  6. A Current Affair Nine 788,000
  7. Young Sheldon Nine 715,000
  8. Home And Away Seven 696,000
  9. ABC News ABC 685,000
  10. House Rules Seven 682,000
  11. Gruen ABC 680,000
  12. Young Sheldon E2 Nine 677,000
  13. The Chase Australia Seven 650,000
  14. The Project 7pm Ten 570,000
  15. Hot Seat Nine 545,000
  16. Britain’s Got Talent Nine 522,000
  17. Stargazing Live ABC 497,000
  18. 7.30 ABC 492,000
  19. Ten Eyewitness News First At Five Ten 442,000
  20. The Weekly With Charlie Pickering ABC 434,000
Demo Top Fives

16-39 Top 5

  1. MasterChef Australia Ten 239,000
  2. House Rules Seven 164,000
  3. Home And Away Seven 157,000
  4. The Project 7pm Ten 152,000
  5. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 146,000


18-49 Top 5

  1. MasterChef Australia Ten 385,000
  2. House Rules Seven 268,000
  3. Nine News 6:30 Nine 257,000
  4. The Project 7pm Ten 253,000
  5. Young Sheldon Nine 248,000


25-54 Top 5

  1. MasterChef Australia Ten 429,000
  2. Nine News 6:30 Nine 330,000
  3. Seven News Seven 314,000
  4. Nine News Nine 313,000
  5. Young Sheldon Nine 312,000
Wednesday Multichannel
  1. A Touch Of Frost-PM 7TWO 192,000
  2. Hey Duggee-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 185,000
  3. Peppa Pig-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 184,000
  4. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 180,000
  5. Pie In The Sky-PM 7TWO 177,000
  6. Peter Rabbit ABCKIDS/COMEDY 174,000
  7. Floogals ABCKIDS/COMEDY 171,000
  8. Octonauts ABCKIDS/COMEDY 171,000
  9. Thomas And Friends-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 170,000
  10. The Justine Clarke Show! ABCKIDS/COMEDY 168,000
  11. Fireman Sam-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 168,000
  12. Teacup Travels-PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 166,000
  13. Andy’s Baby Animals ABCKIDS/COMEDY 166,000
  14. Peppa Pig-PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 157,000
  15. PJ Masks-PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 153,000
  16. Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom ABCKIDS/COMEDY 152,000
  17. Dot.-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 148,000
  18. Kazoops!-PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 146,000
  19. Charlie And Lola-AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 143,000
  20. Shaun The Sheep ABCKIDS/COMEDY 139,000
Wednesday Subscription TV
  1. Selling Houses Australia LifeStyle Channel 170,000
  2. Live: AFL 360 FOX FOOTY 81,000
  3. Family Guy FOX8 74,000
  4. Grand Designs Australia LifeStyle Channel 66,000
  5. Live: NRL 360 FOX LEAGUE 63,000
  6. Family Guy FOX8 60,000
  7. The Simpsons FOX8 56,000
  8. Paul Murray Live SKY NEWS LIVE 55,000
  9. The Flash FOX8 52,000
  10. Grand Designs LifeStyle Channel 50,000
  11. Criminal Minds TVH!TS 49,000
  12. The Simpsons FOX8 47,000
  13. The Bolt Report SKY NEWS LIVE 47,000
  14. NCIS TVH!TS 46,000
  15. Credlin SKY NEWS LIVE 42,000
  16. American Dad! FOX8 41,000
  17. Peppa Pig Nick Jr. 39,000
  18. Live: League Life FOX LEAGUE 38,000
  19. PML Overtime SKY NEWS LIVE 38,000
  20. American Dad! FOX8 37,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business Of Media

US cable giant Comcast ready to go to war with Walt Disney over Fox assets

Comcast is ready to go to war with Walt Disney Co reports Bloomberg.

The cable giant confirmed on Wednesday that it may make an offer for a wide swath of 21st Century Fox Inc.’s entertainment assets, a business that Disney has already agreed to buy for roughly US$52 billion.

The move threatens to escalate a bidding contest that’s already under way over Fox’s European satellite business – and further complicate a global game of M&A chess that’s being waged by the biggest media companies.

Comcast “is considering, and is in advanced stages of preparing, an offer for the business that Fox has agreed to sell Disney,” the company said in a statement. “Any offer for Fox would be all-cash and at a premium to the value of the current all-share offer from Disney.”

[Read the original]

News Corp's Cameron King appointed chair of IAB Australia

News Corp Australia’s managing director for digital revenue, Cameron King, will chair the IAB Australia board, effective immediately.

News Corp’s Cameron King

He will serve in the position until News Corp’s board chair tenure ends in September 2018. King replaces Nicole Sheffield, who announced her resignation from News Corp Australia in February 2018.

Libby Minogue, executive general manager for media and content at REA Group, has been appointed to the newly created role of deputy chair. This position has been introduced to help manage increased IAB Council activity and output.

More at

Film distribution and production group Madman Entertainment seeks deal

Madman Entertainment, the film distribution and production group that is responsible for putting some of the edgiest films into Australian cinemas, is looking for a five-star deal, reports The AFR’s Street Talk.

Madman, which was founded by former BRW Young Rich-listers Paul Wiegard and Tim Anderson, was purchased in 2014 for $21 million by a group comprising private equity heavyweight Adrian MacKenzie, former APN News and Media boss Brett Chenoweth, and one-time Village Roadshow executive and investment banker Charbel Nader.

Now the trio want to examine their options for the business, which has grown organically and by acquisition to be worth about $50 million. Options include a full sale or a deal that would bring in a cornerstone investor to propel the company’s next growth phase.

[Read the original]

ABC CFO Louise Higgins says organisation not yet ready to reveal budget cuts

The ABC has refused to outline how the federal government’s $84 million budget freeze would affect its ability to deliver news services, while vowing to lobby for increased funding, reports The Australian’s Dana McCauley.

“We still have a year available to us and will negotiate with the government before we contemplate where services will be cut,” ABC chief financial officer Louise Higgins told a Senate estimates committee last night.

Asked to detail what “muscle” the ABC would slice into to absorb the three-year freeze due to commence in July 2019 – following news director Gaven Morris’s protest that there was “no fat left” in his division – Higgins said the public broadcaster was at a point where it would have to make choices about what services it continued to provide.

But she did not name any major ABC service lost as a result of previous funding cuts, outlining how savings had instead been found in middle management, back-end operations and transmission costs, including through joint procurements with SBS.

SBS chief executive Michael Ebeid told the committee the two broadcasters had already exhausted every opportunity for joint savings. “We have looked under every single rock between the ABC and SBS about what we could share in the back offices,” Ebeid said.

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Accenture reaches into ad world with media planning and buying service

Technology consulting firm Accenture is formally expanding its reach into the advertising world with the launch of a service aimed at helping clients with their media planning and buying, reports The AFR’s Edmund Tadros.

Programmatic Services will sit within the company’s interactive business and will offer clients help with setting up their own systems to buy digital ads automatically, provide advice on planning and managing the purchase of digital ads, and provide clients assurance around the placement and impact of their digital advertising.

It is understood the technology giant already provides services in the area to pay-TV provider Foxtel and international accommodation group Radisson hotels.

[Read the original]

Viacom and CBS preparing for a long legal battle over merger plans

Leslie Moonves and Shari Redstone Dig In for a Long Legal War at CBS, is a headline today in The New York Times:

On Wednesday, the CBS Corporation amended its lawsuit against its parent company, intensifying the battle for control of the network being waged between its chief executive officer, Leslie Moonves, and its controlling shareholder, Shari Redstone.

The legal maneuver was the latest in a series of steps taken by CBS to prevent Ms Redstone, the president of National Amusements, which acquired CBS in 2000, from merging the company with Viacom, its corporate sibling.

Viacom, the beleaguered media company that owns Paramount and cable networks like Comedy Central and MTV, has been in search of a turnaround in recent years. CBS, the owner of Showtime, Simon & Schuster and the broadcast network that is home to 60 Minutes and Survivor, has had a run of success since it was split from Viacom in 2005.

The two companies are operating as relatively small shops while many others are trying to bulk up to compete with upstart digital rivals like Netflix and Facebook.

[Read the original]

Aussie CEO of production co Hello Sunshine, Sarah Harden, at RESET 2018

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) has announced the first three international speakers for its 2018 RESET conference.

Sarah Harden

O&M Group UK vice chairman Rory Sutherland, Hello Sunshine (USA) CEO Sarah Harden and Baileys Irish Cream creator and writer David Gluckman will be speaking at RESET in Sydney on September 18, 2018.

Sutherland is the co-founder of a behavioural science practice called Ogilvychange and co-heads a team of psychology graduates who look for “butterfly effects” – the very small contextual changes that can have a big impact on the decisions people make – in consumer behaviour.

Harden is an Australian who started her career at the Boston Consulting Group in Melbourne. She currently serves as CEO of American-based media company, Hello Sunshine, which was founded by actress Reese Witherspoon. The company is focused on telling female-driven stories for film, TV, digital and audio. Harden joined Hello Sunshine on a full-time basis after serving as the president of Otter Media – a joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group formed to acquire, invest in and launch global over-the-top (OTT) video services – since December 2015.

More details about RESET 2018 here.

Karen Ferry from Leo Burnett Sydney & Gruen in Cannes Lions See It Be It

Cannes Lions has announced the 20 participants who will be taking part in this year’s See It Be It program. This is five more participants than on previous years.

Among the participants is Karen Ferry, senior copywriter, Leo Burnett Sydney, and a regular panellist on ABC’s Gruen.

See the complete list of See It Be It participants here.

Outdoor Media

oOh!media adds to portfolio of 11 airports with new deal for Newcastle

oOh!media this week announced it had secured the exclusive rights to internal and external advertising assets at Newcastle Airport.

Newcastle Airport is NSW’s second-busiest airport and the gateway to Australia’s largest regional economy. The new addition will enable oOh!media to reach the 1.28 million passengers that pass through the airport annually.

oOh!media now represents 11 airports, 15 terminals and 18 lounges. The company will deliver a range of dynamic and classic assets across both internal and external precincts.

Read more in Mediaweek’s outdoor section here.


AFR Rich List preview: Justin Hemmes now one of 51 property people on list

Prominent Sydney hotelier Justin Hemmes has ridden the property boom all the way to this year’s Rich List, reports The AFR’s John Stensholt.

Hemmes and his family have amassed a $951 million fortune via the ownership of 70 pubs, hotels, restaurants and venues in and around Sydney, including The Ivy on George Street in the heart of the CBD.

He joins the biggest group of Rich Listers, property magnates, who this year account for 51 of the 200 names. Hemmes also just misses being among the record 76 billionaires on the list.

They range from billionaire Harry Triguboff, to Melbourne apartment developer Tim Gurner, and Andrew Roberts, the Multiplex heir whose RF Capital has direct property holdings in Europe and Britain.

The 45-year-old Hemmes will be among 12 new names on the Financial Review Rich List when the 2018 edition is published on Friday, and will debut in 78th position.

[Read the original]

Digital Content Ratings looks at property: Two giants dominate sector

The Nielsen Digital Content Ratings weekly data this week looks at the real estate category and shows how dominant is. The online publisher has an average daily unique digital audience over 1.18m.

While is well behind the leader, both of them are way ahead of anyone else in the category.


Stan reveals eOne has licensed Matt Okine’s The Other Guy to Hulu for US

Stan announced today that Entertainment One (eOne) has licensed the Stan Original Series The Other Guy to Hulu in the US and Super Channel in Canada.

An Aquarius Films and Entertainment One TV Australia production, the 6 x half-hour comedy drama series created by and starring Australian comedian Matt Okine, received production investment funding from Screen Australia in association with Create NSW.

The Other Guy will start streaming on Hulu June 28 and premiere on Super Channel on August 13.

Filmed on location across Sydney, the series was written by Okine and Becky Lucas (Please Like Me), script produced by Greg Waters (Soul Mates, Dance Academy) and directed by Kacie Anning (Fragments of Friday).

The Other Guy co-stars Valene Kane (The Fall, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) along with a host of Australian talent including Harriet Dyer (No Activity, Love Child), Marg Downey (Fast Forward, Kath & Kim), Christiaan van Vuuren (Soul Mates, Bondi Hipsters), Adam Briggs (Cleverman, Black Comedy) and composer, performer and rising star Amali Golden (Australian Idol).

Season Two of The Other Guy is currently in development with Stan and Create NSW.

On the back of its launch last year in Australia, The Other Guy joins a growing roster of Stan Originals award-winning dramas and comedies to find major international partners.

Earlier this year, Romper Stomper was picked up by BBC in the UK, AACTA Award-winning and Logie Award-nominated drama series Wolf Creek was distributed through global content leader Lionsgate for the North American Market, and Fox international Channels in the UK, while AACTA Award-winning and Logie Award-nominated series No Activity was recently picked up by Hulu in the US through a deal with BBC Worldwide.

Last year CBS Television Studios, in association with Funny Or Die, Jungle and Gary Sanchez Productions, commissioned and produced an eight-part US version of No Activity, also streaming on Stan, with season 2 in pre-production.


Veteran broadcaster Red Symons has broken his silence over ABC sacking

Veteran broadcaster Red Symons has broken his silence over his controversial departure from the ABC, saying he no longer listens to the station that was his home for 15 years, reports News Corp’s Ed Gardiner.

Symons, who was dumped from the Melbourne breakfast timeslot last year, told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell he was trying to move on.

“I don’t listen… but there’s no point in me sitting in judgment on the people who are there now – because it’s actually not about them, it’s about management,” he said.

The former Hey Hey It’s Saturday host told Mitchell he had never been offered an explanation for the decision to dump him.

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