Emma readership changes: Renews Ipsos contract, adds Nielsen’s CMV data

• Changes will allow publishers to better compete for advertising dollars

The Readership Works (TRW) has announced a renewed collaboration with the research agencies Ipsos and Nielsen which sees Ipsos continue to measure print audience readership for the next five years while Nielsen will “fuse” print data with digital ratings to provide cross-platform audience data.

Ipsos has been measuring print audience since 2013 and the inclusion of Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) with the print and digital currencies (emma cross-platform) will offer cross platform readership, attitudinal, lifestyle and product data. This product will be branded emma CMV.

Monique Perry, Nielsen’s managing director, media, said: “Nielsen is ready to take total audience measurement to the next level. We are thrilled to offer, for the first time, a streamlined and simpler solution for the Australian market. There is nothing more powerful than bringing to life high-quality currency data with a greater understanding of Australian consumers’ increasingly unique and diverse attitudes, consumption preferences, ethnicity and purchase intention. We are delighted to see the Nielsen Consumer & Media View client base expand to include news media and magazine publishers.”

Brian Hogan, executive director emma at Ipsos, added: “Since launch in 2013, emma has established itself as a world class readership survey. Ipsos is proud to be able to provide continuity in readership measurement to Australia’s news media and magazine publishers, including the many regional, community and independent publishers that previously had no access to robust readership measurement. Ipsos’s state-of-the-art research techniques are developed around the world and our proficiency in delivering readership and core demographic data will continue to provide media and marketing decision makers with reliable and consistent audience data and insights for many years to come.”

Mal Dale, general manager of The Readership Works, told Mediaweek: “We are entering into a five-year contract with Nielsen. The reason we are doing this is to evolve emma and integrate it into Nielsen’s suite of insights and audience currency products. By including emma amongst the other products in the Nielsen CMV ecosystem we will be able to present a more streamlined product to market.

“Certain things will change and some things will stay the same. We will be retiring the Ipsos survey product data and taking the data from Nielsen’s CMV. We have been working on this change over the past 18 months. Rather than Ipsos having a separate sales force in market selling emma we are going to consolidate sales and support into Nielsen.”

Dale said the new data will remain available to various accredited software suppliers. “At launch it will be available through Nielsen’s Clear Decisions software which accompanies their CMV database.

“Because the data hasn’t changed and still comes from Ipsos, there will be no trend breaks. People can still use the data back to when emma started in 2013.”

Mediaweek asked if the changes will allow publishers to generate more revenue.

Dale: “By giving publishers better tools by which to present their sales pitches, it gives them a significantly improved opportunity to compete better. This is now a state-of-the-art measurement and insights tool which will allow them to compete better.”

Perry: “It is about streamlining the offering. All users will now be able to access all media measurement through the CMV hub. As publishers have assets across various different media – to be able to tell a total audience story is increasingly important for the publisher.”

With detailing how much, Dale said The Readership Works is investing more in the readership service.

Ipsos will continue to collect the emma print readership data, which constitutes the currency for magazines and newspapers, including newspaper inserted magazines, branded sections and regional and community newspapers.

However, Roy Morgan continues to measure both newspaper and magazine readership, which continues to be used by a number of publishers and media buyers.

Dale said at least for the short term there will still be two magazine readership measurements used by the major publishers – emma and Roy Morgan.

As to the agency groups who don’t use emma, Dale said: “This new offer is more compelling and we expect they will reconsider using emma. We are not going anywhere though – we have just signed new five-year contracts, we are here for the long haul.”

Top photo: [L-R] Brian Hogan (Ipsos), Monique Perry (Nielsen) and Male Dale (The Readership Works)

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