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Late night TV with The Moonman: Fox Footy his natural home

• Sacked by Seven many times, he’s loving life at the sports channel

By James Manning

You haven’t been watching much TV if you haven’t seen Lawrence Mooney work his magic in the past few years.

Jamie Durie recently told Mediaweek how he’d been on 52 different programs.

“I don’t think it’s that high,” the comedian better known as The Moonman told Mediaweek in a break during a busy week – or pre-round seven in AFL speak.

However with some help from IMDB, we calculate Mooney has made it on to over 60 different shows both as himself and as an actor in a number of dramas and comedies.

The latest is the Friday night live late show Up The Guts hosted by Mooney on Fox Footy.

I know I have been sacked by Channel Seven over a dozen times,” Mooney told Mediaweek. “They never say sacked. They always say things like ‘Putting the show on hiatus’, ‘We are resting it’, or maybe even ‘You are still part of the Channel Seven family and always will be. But for the time being we are not continuing you on the show.’

I have been delivered some delicious euphemisms over the years for ‘F – Off…you are no longer required’.

Of his current TV residence, Fox Footy, Mooney s clearly enjoying it. “It’s a place that is quite interesting to work. I have never been into a TV network where there is a constant bubbliness and happiness amongst the work force because they have purpose, and purpose gives you meaning.

“When your role is clearly defined it is easy to have purpose.

“Everyone in Fox Footy knows their job is to put footy on the television, to talk about footy and to service footy. It is therefore a very happy and coherent place.

Because I love footy and I love TV, Fox Footy is a very natural home for me.

Mooney said there was only a little bit more pressure in hosting your own show than guesting on someone else’s. “That is outweighed by the huge amounts of joy that you have your own gig. It’s always good to know you are in control of your own destiny.

With a wry grin he added: “I have never been the guest on a show and not looked at the host and thought, ‘I’m better than you’. Never! [Laughs]

“You have to have blind belief in this business otherwise you are not going to put a foot forward. You have to believe you are worthy of your own show.

“Having done live television before on Dirty Laundry Live, a show that I am still immensely proud of after three seasons on the ABC. Up The Guts isn’t a dissimilar experience: It’s a night show with an edge, and it’s all about having a laugh, popping a few balloons and popping a bit of pomposity. It is about irreverence, the classic Australian style of humour.”

Lawrence Mooney with recent guest on Up The Guts, Dilruk Jayasinha, and regular contributor Deano

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Up The Guts has the advantage of being on air after for what most weeks this year will be the first AFL game of the round on a Friday. (There are nine weeks with Thursday games this year.)

Mooney and his regular contributor Deano realise this gets them an early start on all the other footy shows crammed into network schedules. “There is a few of them,” noted Mooney.

“We have a fresh perspective. We are more in the genre of The Front Bar which is about footy and laughter.”


“I don’t like cruelty or bullying…but you also have to have an edge!”


That’s a good genre to be in at present given the success of the Mick Molloy, Sam Pang and Andy Maher combination on Seven.

A segment that went down well with the audience has been Open Mike, with Mooney giving his own special salute to the former chief football writer of the Herald Sun and Fox Footy host, Mike Sheahan.

“He is a fascinating font of information and a great ambassador for the electronic side of the game. He is right behind having a bit of fun poked at him too. He is in no way precious and he has given us his blessing to do it. It’s nice to have someone say ‘Just go for it’ when you are parodying someone. That’s not always the case.

Lawrence Mooney with Dilruk Jayasinha

Watching the various Fox Footy commentators working with Mooney live when he crosses to the rooms after the Friday night game is always fun. “I do come with a reputation of anything could happen. But I have always liked the adage; comedy should have a sheep’s tooth, not a dog’s tooth. I don’t like cruelty or bullying…but you also have to have an edge!

“I’m always willing to take a clip or a drive by. There can be a square up too, which comes down the road.”

Mooney is still a young man, but we had to ask how he is coping with Friday breakfast radio and Friday late night TV?

“The body is willing, but it is the psyche that sometimes struggles. You have to make sure you are well slept. When you are fatigued you start looking for a boost and you have to stay away from chips, lollies and all those evil things.

Because I am working late Friday night, the drinking can’t start until we are off air. But then it starts in earnest.

Up The Guts is the first time that Mooney has worked with Deano, Dean Thomas, who is also the anchor of Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Browny Melbourne breakfast show.

“I love the idea that I am probably in a position in my career where I am giving back…nurturing talent. I had an immediate affinity with Deano and I did check his credentials with my very close friend Sam Pang and he said he was gold.”

Mooney said he watched Deano’s Footy Show online prior to meeting him. “I thought this kid has really got something. I reckon Deano will be around for a long time.”

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Team behind Up The Guts

“We operate on the smell of an oily rag which we kind of like. Jake Avent is our producer who has done much good work on TV. He is also producing The Beep Test, the show hosted by Dave Thornton, and also features Lehmo and myself.

“We have two great writers who have been on TV for a long time and worked with me on Dirty Laundry LiveJason Marion and Declan Fay. It is a tight little team and they get the job done.

The team have a phone production meeting on the day prior then they get to meet the host in person late Friday afternoon when they work on the script and polish a few gags.

The five-person team sit around with “pizza, burgers, or maybe even sushi” and watch the Friday night AFL match. “We pick a few things from it we might be able to use on the show that night.”

Tomorrow: Learning to say “no”. Plus why Mike Fitzpatrick and Grant Blackley gave Moonman the keys to Triple M Sydney. 

Online festival Vidcon returning to Australia for third year

VidCon, billed as the world’s largest celebration of online video and digital creators, has announced the return of VidCon Australia 2019 at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, from the 19th-22nd September.

Celebrating all things video, social media and YouTube, the announcement follows the success of the first ever VidCon London earlier this year. The 10th VidCon US set to take place in July.

Co-founded by brothers Hank and John Green, VidCon expanded into Australia in 2017 and will return for its third year to host the very best in global and local industry, creator and social media talent all under one roof.

This year’s lineup already boasts over 40 million combined YouTube followers, including leading names Georgia Productions, JaidenAnimations, Draw with Jazza, TheOdd1sOut, Maaz [The Amaazing], alongside US vlogger star Eva Gutowski [MyLifeAsEva].

Until the May 12, fans will be able to register for a 24 hour ticket pre-sale held on 13th May. This registration period, run in collaboration with Audience Republic, will provide fans with a gamified approach to registration, with the opportunity to earn points to win a series of prizes, including free tickets to the event. General on-sale tickets will open from May 14.

Attendees at this year’s event can expect a host of creative, practical and informative content from the industry’s leading innovators. Ticket options are divided into three signature tracks for purchasers, providing tailored programming suited to their specific interests:

• Community Track: For the online video fans. Attendees will be granted exclusive access to leading fan-favourite creators, including live performances, creative workshops, Q&As and a chance to meet the video stars in person.
• Creator Track: For the video creators themselves, the event will provide expert insights into video production, how to grow and monetise social channels efficiently, and tips to build their channels as a brand via workshops, panel discussions and keynotes.
• Industry Track: For the industry executives, VidCon AU delivers a networking opportunity and is a leading resource to learn tips on the trade from experts – including, how to build online communities, must-know trends on the horizon, best practices in video advertising and advice on how to reach the highly coveted Gen Z and millennial audience in APAC.

“VidCon has established itself as a pioneer in online video. We bring together a unique blend of industry innovators, breakthrough new products and platforms, and a discussion of the strategic imperatives driving this industry forward. VidCon is the only place for fans to connect with world-class talent in an environment designed to optimize both creativity and innovation. Welcoming VidCon Australia back for its third year is a pivotal highlight for us. Australia is one of the fastest growing online video markets in the world and it’s crucial for us to help shape the future of digital content in this exciting market,” said Jim Louderback, VidCon general manager.

VidCon Australia made its debut in 2017, and has since welcomed thousands of leading content creators and fans through the door, for an immersion in first class video content, masterclasses in creative execution, industry learning and networking.

To learn more about VidCon and to register for pre-sale tickets, visit:

WTFN starts production on Nine’s new ob-doc Emergency

Production has commenced this week in Melbourne on the new real-life medical series Emergency, based on the doctors and nurses at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The show will give viewers a unique insight into the inner workings of Victoria’s first hospital.

Emergency will be produced by WTFN, creators of Nine’s hit series, Paramedics.

WTFN’s Director of Content, Steve Oemcke, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Victoria’s most famous hospital on this compelling new series. Australia has fallen in love with the heroes of Paramedics, and we’re excited to now tell the story of the doctors and nurses at the Royal Melbourne as they take over the life-saving care of these patients.”
Nine Program Director, Hamish Turner, said: “The success of Paramedics highlighted the real appetite for this style of blue light factual and storytelling. Emergency will go behind-the-scenes of one of the country’s busiest hospitals to showcase the incredible life-saving work performed by the unsung heroes who work there.”
Emergency will go to air on Nine later this year.

TV Ratings Analysis: May 7

• Gone: Matt & Lynn depart Lego Masters in front of big audience
• Masterchef reaches biggest audience, Immunity win for Tessa
• New sitcom Mr Black launches with very respectable number

Tuesday: Week 19 2019

By James Manning

• Seven News 1,060,000/1,0145,000
• Nine News 935,000/911,000
• A Current Affair 769,000
• ABC News 755,000
• The Project 272,000/464,000
• 10 News First 411,000
• SBS World News 146,000

Breakfast TV

• Sunrise 282,000
• Today 215,000


After opening its week on 679,000 Home And Away delivered a Tuesday audience of 640,000.

House Rules then slipped to its lowest numbers this season – 534,000 after 550,000 on Tuesday a week ago.

Andrew Denton: Interview then featured Jackie Weaver and then the host introduced the first of some unknowns who have great stories to tell. After 481,000 last week, last night was on 447,000. Weaver noted during the interview she’d done 10 interviews that day. “Saved the best for last,” she hastily added. Weaver was a feature guest on The Sunday Project this week too.


Breast implants, interest rates and the new royal baby were covered on A Current Affair with 769,000 watching after 810,000 on Monday.

The final episode in the penultimate week of Lego Masters drew 1.068m ranking it #1 overall on Tuesday. The audience, up on last Tuesday’s 1.023m, heard Matt and Lyn told “it’s time to go home”.

Another episode in the final season of The Big Bang Theory did 656,000, up on last week’s 609,000.

A second week of Timeless was on 220,000 after the same number a week ago.


Stephen Curry had a big day on the publicity trail including lots of radio, a session with Mediaweek (coming soon) and an appearance on The Project ahead of the launch of Mr Black. The news delivered differently did 464,000 at 7pm after 429,000 on Monday

MasterChef had its best audience so far this week with 654,000 watching after 638,000 Sunday and 607,000 Monday. Tessa managed to win an immunity pin in the three-way cook-off that must have seen close to the lowest scores ever for the guest chef in an immunity challenge. 10 is starting to warm up the audience for Nigella Week starting next Sunday.

The premiere of Mr Black did 471,000 which is almost a triumph given the way audiences are consuming their TV these days. The biggest audience watching Stephen Curry star in the Adam Zwar series made by CJZ for 10 was biggest in the star’s home town – Melbourne with 191,000.

NCIS then did 238,000.

Another product from CJZ – Bondi Rescue – was part of the schedule that helped 10 Bold to rank #1 multi. Also drawing the crowds were NCIS, CSI: Miami and The Mentalist.


TV and stage icon Toni Lamond featured on The Recording Studio with 327,000 watching after 339,000 a week ago.

Part two of the four-part Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure did 335,000 after launching also with 335,000 a week ago.


It was Jennifer Byrne night on the channel. After hosting Mastermind at 6pm with 107,000 watching, she was then the guest on Who Do You Think You Are? She tracked down her grandfather to an internment camp in China during World War II. The audience was 376,000 after the Scott Cam episode did 394,000 to launch the series a week ago.

Insight then featured an important subject, a discussion about preventing teen suicide, with 189,000 in metro markets.

Week 19 TV: Tuesday
ABC Seven Nine 10 SBS
ABC 11.6% 7 18.6% 9 22.8% 10  12.6% SBS One 5.6%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 2.7% 7TWO 2.2% GO! 2.8% 10 Bold 3.9% VICELAND 1.4%
ABC ME 0.6% 7mate 2.8% GEM 3.4% 10 Peach 2.1% Food Net 1.0%
ABC NEWS 1.3% 7flix 1.5% 9Life 2.2%     NITV 0.2%
    7Food 0.6%            
TOTAL 16.2%   25.8%   31.2%   18.6%   8.2%


ABC Seven Affiliates Nine Affiliates 10 Affiliates SBS
ABC 10.0% 7 20.2% 9 17.5% WIN 10.6% SBS One 5.1%
ABC KIDS/ ABC COMEDY 2.8% 7TWO 3.7% GO! 3.3% WIN Bold 3.4% VICELAND 1.5%
ABC ME 1.0% 7mate 5.2% GEM 5.4% WIN Peach 1.7% Food Net 0.7%
ABC NEWS 1.3% 7flix (Excl. Tas/WA) 1.6% 9Life 1.7% Sky News  on WIN 2.3% NITV 0.3%
    7food (QLD only) 0.9%            
TOTAL 15.0%   31.5%   27.9%   18.0%   7.6%


86.5% 13.5%
  1. Lego Masters Nine 1,068,000
  2. Seven News Seven 1,060,000
  3. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 1,014,000
  4. Nine News Nine 935,000
  5. Nine News 6:30 Nine 911,000
  6. A Current Affair Nine 769,000
  7. News ABC 755,000
  8. The Big Bang Theory Nine 656,000
  9. Masterchef Australia 10 654,000
  10. The Chase Australia Seven 645,000
  11. Home And Away Seven 640,000
  12. 7.30 ABC 601,000
  13. House Rules Seven 534,000
  14. Hot Seat Nine 522,000
  15. The Big Bang Theory – (R) Nine 493,000
  16. Mr Black 10 471,000
  17. The Project 7pm 10 464,000
  18. Andrew Denton: Interview Seven 447,000
  19. 10 News First 10 411,000
  20. The Chase Australia-5pm Seven 392,000
Demo Top 5

16-39 Top Five

  1. Lego Masters Nine 314,000
  2. Masterchef Australia 10 188,000
  3. The Big Bang Theory Nine 168,000
  4. Seven News Seven 128,000
  5. Mr Black 10 125,000


18-49 Top Five

  1. Lego Masters Nine 534,000
  2. The Big Bang Theory Nine 324,000
  3. Masterchef Australia 10 315,000
  4. Nine News 6:30 Nine 242,000
  5. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 236,000


25-54 Top Five

  1. Lego Masters Nine 552,000
  2. The Big Bang Theory Nine 364,000
  3. Masterchef Australia 10 347,000
  4. Seven News / Today Tonight Seven 289,000
  5. Seven News Seven 288,000
TUESDAY Multichannel
  1. Death In Paradise 9Gem 173,000
  2. Bluey AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 169,000
  3. Bondi Rescue Ep 2 (R) 10 Bold 165,000
  4. Dino Dana ABCKIDS/COMEDY 147,000
  5. Peppa Pig AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 144,000
  6. Peppa Pig PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 142,000
  7. School Of Roars PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 142,000
  8. NCIS (R) 10 Bold 142,000
  9. Octonauts ABCKIDS/COMEDY 141,000
  10. Rusty Rivets ABCKIDS/COMEDY 137,000
  11. Bluey ABCKIDS/COMEDY 136,000
  12. Peter Rabbit ABCKIDS/COMEDY 136,000
  13. Floogals ABCKIDS/COMEDY 134,000
  14. Hey Duggee AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 132,000
  15. Molly And Mack PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 129,000
  16. Neighbours 10 Peach 129,000
  17. Andy’s Wild Adventures ABCKIDS/COMEDY 127,000
  18. PJ Masks AM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 124,000
  19. CSI: Miami 10 Bold 123,000
  20. Fireman Sam PM ABCKIDS/COMEDY 121,000
  1. Paul Murray Live: Pub Test Sky News Live 79,000
  2. Game Of Thrones FOX SHOWCASE 76,000
  3. Jones & Co Sky News Live 65,000
  4. The Bolt Report Sky News Live 64,000
  5. Paul Murray Live: Pub Test Sky News Live 61,000
  6. Live: AFL 360 FOX FOOTY 60,000
  7. Credlin Sky News Live 51,000
  8. Jeopardy! FOX Classics 44,000
  9. Family Guy FOX8 40,000
  10. Family Guy FOX8 39,000
  11. Live: The Back Page FOX SPORTS 503 39,000
  12. Mission: Impossible – Fallout Foxtel Movies Premiere 37,000
  13. Live: NRL 360 FOX LEAGUE 34,000
  14. American Dad! FOX8 34,000
  15. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 34,000
  16. The Simpsons FOX8 33,000
  17. Peppa Pig Nick Jr. 32,000
  18. Escape To The Country Lifestyle Channel 32,000
  19. The Simpsons FOX8 30,000
  20. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 29,000

Shares all people, 6pm-midnight, Overnight (Live and AsLive), Audience numbers FTA metro, Sub TV national
Source: OzTAM and Regional TAM 2018. The Data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) without the prior written consent of OzTAM

Media News Roundup

Business of Media

New ABC boss David Anderson condemned over political stance

Former ABC chairman Maurice Newman has criticised the public broadcaster’s new managing director, David Anderson, for his public “partisan position”, despite this week insisting there was no bias at the publicly funded media organisation, reports The Australian’s Lilly Vitorovich.

Newman said it was “extraordinary” that Anderson, who has worked at the ABC for nearly 30 years, used his first media interview on Monday night to encourage the public to vote for Labor or any political party other than the Coalition, just three days after being appointed.

Anderson and ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose, who was appointed by Scott Morrison in late February, weren’t available to comment yesterday.

“Ita isn’t doing interviews on the ABC. David is trying to do as much media as he can but he can’t do everything, unfortunately,” an ABC spokeswoman said.

[Read the original]

Maurice Newman wrote a commentary piece for The Australian on Monday this week titled “Forces from within are destroying the ABC”:

The just-appointed managing director, David Anderson, has spent his life at the ABC. He is a popular figure, steeped in its culture and unlikely to bring about necessary change.

[Read the original]

Kenny, Bolt & Jones: Greens’ plan to silence ‘enemies’ in media

Richard Di Natale’s threat of a crackdown on broadcasters Chris Kenny, Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones is part of a Greens plan aimed at breaking up media companies, imposing new regulations and giving the federal government control over who is allowed to enter the industry, reports The Australian’s Chris Merritt.

The Greens plan, which is outlined in the party’s media policy, is in line with Senator Di Natale’s promise to create new criminal laws on hate speech for use against the three broadcasters.

“It’s not just about those three people, it’s basically about anybody in the media who is using hate speech to try and divide the community and turn Australians against each other,” he said.

[Read the original]

Omnicom names PHD global boss Mike Cooper to group role

Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media services division of Omnicom Group has named PHD Worldwide CEO Mike Cooper (pictured) to the newly created position of group CEO, APAC and EMEA.

As group CEO, Cooper will be responsible for assuring service standards across OMG agencies Hearts & Science, OMD and PHD in markets outside the Americas.

Cooper has spent the better part of the past two decades building OMG agencies in APAC and EMEA. As the first regional CEO – and first employee – of OMD, he established OMD’s footprint in Asia Pacific and laid the foundation for the agency’s global expansion.

Since returning to his native UK as CEO of PHD Worldwide in 2007, he has grown PHD from a small group of agencies in APAC and EMEA into an award-winning global network serving many of the world’s biggest brands.

“Mike’s proven talent for creating and expanding best practices across vastly different local markets has been critical to OMG’s global growth strategy,” says Omnicom Media Group chairman and CEO Daryl Simm. “His record, and the respect he has earned from clients and agency teams at every level, speak to his energy, commitment and professionalism – qualities that he will bring to his new role, working with Hearts & Science, OMD and PHD leadership to assure the best outcomes for our clients across APAC and EMEA.”

The new group CEO’s executive team will include current OMG EMEA chief financial officer Peter Poelzlbauer, who has been promoted to Group CFO, OMG APAC and EMEA; OMG APAC CEO Tony Harradine, stationed in Singapore; and, following Colin Gottlieb’s stepping down as CEO of OMG EMEA to move to an advisory role, all EMEA-based senior leadership.

Commenting on his new role, Cooper says, “APAC and EMEA encompass an exciting mix of established and emerging markets where OMG enjoys significant market share through three strong media networks. Working with our extraordinary talent across these geographies, I will be focused on growing that share by delivering the technology, products and service that translate to business results for our clients.”

Cooper’s appointment is effective July 1. He will be based in London, reporting to Simm.  

News Brands

Two Reuters reporters freed in Myanmar after 500 days in jail

Two Reuters journalists jailed in Myanmar after they were convicted of breaking the Official Secrets Act walked free from prison on Tuesday after more than 500 days behind bars, reports the press agency.

Wa Lone, 33, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 29, had been convicted in September and sentenced to seven years in jail in a case that raised questions about Myanmar’s progress towards democracy and sparked an outcry from diplomats and human rights advocates.

They were released under a presidential amnesty for 6,520 prisoners. President Win Myint has pardoned thousands of other prisoners in mass amnesties since last month.

Reuters editor-in-chief Stephen J. Adler welcomed the news.

“We are enormously pleased that Myanmar has released our courageous reporters, Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo. Since their arrests 511 days ago, they have become symbols of the importance of press freedom around the world. We welcome their return,” Adler said.

[Read the original]

Jury cuts back ex-MP’s defamation claims against The Australian

Former federal Liberal MP Dennis Jensen has had his defam­ation case against The Australian scaled back after a jury rejected three of his six key claims against the newspaper, reports The Australian’s Paul Garvey.

Dr Jensen is suing Nationwide News, publisher of The Australian, over two articles and tweets published in 2016 when he was locked in a preselection battle for the safe Liberal seat of Tangney.

The articles stated that Dr Jensen had written a fictional novel called The Sky Warriors about a war between Australia and Indonesia – including at least one graphic sex scene – and had then sent a letter to a literary agent while serving as an MP, in an attempt to get the novel published.

[Read the original]


Herald Sun relives the biggest Melbourne-made TV turkeys

It seems nothing will save Channel 9’s The Footy Show from the chopping block, reports News Corp’s Jamie Duncan.

The retooled version of what was once a ratings juggernaut for Nine since its inception in 1993 is tanking faster than a jet-propelled Panzer, with truly dismal ratings last week – especially when compared with Seven’s The Front Bar.

While we all remember and celebrate TV’s greatest hits, it’s easy to forget the misses – and Melbourne has produced some utter stinkers along with televisual gold over the years.

Here are a few dire shows to remember.

• The Mick Molloy Show (Nine)
• Warnie (Nine)
• Hotel (0-10)
• Holiday Island (10)
• The Bounce (Seven)
• Secrets (ABC)
• Ben Elton Live From Planet Earth (Nine)
• Let Loose Live (Seven)

[Read the original]

TV Tonight’s 3-star review for 10’s latest Grant Denyer project

TV’s Grant Denyer (his words) is back at 6pm with a new game show, Celebrity Name Game, reports TV Tonight as it reviews the new weeknight game show.

Based on a US format developed by Courteney Cox and David Arquette, this replaces Pointless, which replaced Family Feud. In something of a back-to-the-future move by 10, this is surely as close as you can get to Feud without surveying 100 people. So if you’re missing the Feud this could be right up your alley.

On a set that is ski-lodge meets penthouse, there are two teams of two: in the first episode I watched, young workmates Mikey & Trent and middle-aged couple Maureen & Ian who met when she frequented drag bars in Sydney (seriously).

Denyer, who once indicated he never saw himself as a game show host, fits the format with relative ease. Part of the reason Feud succeeded so well was undoubtedly because he looked like he was having fun, and it’s the same here. Whether trying to recapture the magic with the same host in the same slot will work, is another matter, but Celebrity Name Game is certainly a broader-appealing format than the geeky Pointless, despite the subversive humour of Mark Humphries (Mastermind is on SBS if you get withdrawal symptoms).

This show is unapologetically straightforward, and may be a no-fuss wind down after a rough day at the office. Diehard fans of TV’s Grant Denyer should be pretty happy. The only way is up?

Celebrity Name Game begins 6pm Monday May 13 on 10.

[Read the original]

Sports Media

Boyd, Gillett, Taylor & Tallis launch Magic Round on Fox League

Brisbane Broncos’ captain Darius Boyd and backrower Matt Gillett, Gold Coast Titans halfback Ash Taylor and NRL legend and Fox League commentator Gorden Tallis came together this week to launch Magic Round on Fox League, on Foxtel.

For the first time in history, Magic Round will see all eight games of Round 9 of the NRL Telstra Premiership played at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

Fox League will cover all eight games live, ad-break free during play and in HD with five games to also be shown in 4K Ultra HD on Foxtel 4K (Ch 444).

Fox League will supersize its offering to fans for Magic Round with The Late Show with Matty Johns and The Sunday Night Show with Matty Johns both broadcasting live from Suncorp Stadium.

Fans will have the chance to get up close and personal with Fox League regulars Bryan Fletcher and Nathan Hindmarsh who will live in a see-through bubble tent at the Caxton St end of Suncorp Stadium for the duration of Magic Round.

To celebrate Magic Round, Boyd, Gillett, Taylor and Tallis took over the Queen St Mall in Brisbane for a special Fox League themed Magic Show with Brisbane based illusionist Joshua Norbido.

Speaking from the event, NRL Hall of Fame Inductee and Fox League commentator, Gorden Tallis said:

“Brisbane is absolutely buzzing for Magic Round.

“Rugby League fans in South East Queensland get the chance to see the Broncos and Titans 12 times a year, but to have every club in the NRL at Suncorp Stadium is massive.”

A star studded panel including Yvonne Sampson, Rugby League Immortal Mal Meninga and NRL premiership winners Matthew Johns and Mick Ennis will guide fans through a bumper edition of Super Saturday live from Suncorp Stadium from 2.30pm.

Magic Round continues on Sunday with Sampson joined at Suncorp Stadium by State of Origin legends, Corey Parker, Braith Anasta and Danny Buderus for a special edition of The Sunday Ticket at the earlier time of 1.00pm.

Round 9 Fox League schedule

• Gold Coast Titans v Cronulla Sharks @7.50pm

• Wests Tigers v Penrith Panthers* @6.00pm
• Manly Sea Eagles v Brisbane Broncos @8.05pm

• Canterbury Bulldogs v Newcastle Knights* @3.00pm
• New Zealand Warriors v St George Illawarra Dragons* @5.30pm
• Melbourne Storm v Parramatta Eels* @7.35pm

• Sydney Roosters v Canberra Raiders* @2.00pm
• South Sydney Rabbitohs v North Queensland Cowboys @4.05pm

*Also available in 4K Ultra HD

Magic Weekend: Nothing up NRL’s sleeve for season’s biggest challenge

The name implies magic and mystery but for the NRL, it has been old-fashioned hard work and meticulous planning that has underpinned one of its biggest weeks of the season, reports The Sydney Morning Herald’s Phil Lutton.

Starting from Thursday night when the Titans meet the Sharks at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane will host every match of the round, all at one venue with teams filing in and out of dressing rooms so often they almost need to fit revolving doors.

It’s taken military grade precision from the game’s governing body to ensure it all flows smoothly, with clubs and team managers being kept in the loop for months about the logistics for their various teams and support staff across the extended weekend.

The most congestion will take place at the stadium. There will be a double-header on Friday and Sunday and a triple-header on Saturday, starting at 3pm with Bulldogs-Knights and ending at 7.35pm with Melbourne-Parramatta.

[Read the original]

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