Mick Molloy on his return to drive radio with Triple M

Mick Molloy

Molloy has spent the last seven years on Melbourne’s #1 FM Breakfast show

As announced in June, Mick Molloy is reuniting with Jane Kennedy to host Triple M Drive in 2018.

Kennedy began her career in radio and appeared with Molloy on Triple M on the ground-breaking breakfast show The D-Generation in the 80s and 90s.

However, Molloy has spent the last seven years on Melbourne’s #1 FM Breakfast show, The Hot Breakfast.

Tony Martin and I pioneered FM drive to some extent years ago with Martin Molloy when there were no other national drive comedy shows,” Molloy told Mediaweek’s James Manning.

“Now it almost seems a saturated market. I had been very happy doing The Hot Breakfast and I really enjoyed it. But my boys are five now and when I have them to stay at my place I want to be there in the morning and to be able to spend more time with them.

“And this might come as a bombshell for Mediaweek, but I am not necessarily a morning person. There is something very attractive about working at the other end of the day.

“My time on The Hot Breakfast is the longest I have ever spent on any show. I have had a ball, but the time is right to start something new. Jane Kennedy is a great friend and I am looking forward to working with her.”

He noted the new arrangement should be good for the station with The Hot Breakfast continuing and what should be a cracking drive show later in the day.

Molloy said Triple M’s head of content Mike Fitzpatrick was the architect of the drive show plan. “Fitzy was the person who pursued me for The Hot Breakfast when he managed to track me down when I was in India.”

With a start time of 7am for a breakfast appearance, Molloy acknowledged he had broken breakfast radio contract ground that has worked for others. “Sam Pang also starts at 7am. I was ahead of the curve. I also have five mental health days in my contract. I remember pitching to Fitzy at one stage that maybe I should just work Monday to Thursday with Friday off. He came back to me telling me I had gone too far. I found the line!” [Laughs]

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