MCN and Nat Geo’s Great Northern Brewing Co. season two launches

MCN, Nat Geo and Mediacom Beyond launch Great Northern Brewing Co S2

Multi Channel Network (MCN), National Geographic and Mediacom Beyond Advertising this week launched a second series of Great Northern Brewing Co. (GNBC) and National Geographic’s bespoke content series, True North, with Matt Wright.

The True North series, initiated in 2017, is a three-part national content lead campaign created to raise awareness of GNBC as the perfect beer for any outdoor occasion.

Following the success of last year’s campaign, which delivered a sales increase of 211% YOY, GNBC partnered with National Geographic for a second series. The three-part content series is screening on Foxtel and online from November 2017 to January, 2018.

The content will also feature on National Geographic’s digital hub, which includes additional supporting native articles produced in conjunction with National Geographic’s editor. The articles explore complementary themes like cooking outdoors and rummaging for the flavours of the bush.

Series one of True North delivered over four million content views across screens and more than 10.5 million impressions. National Geographic’s channels reached 278,000 people, with their direct online hub reaching over 118,000 and more than 20,000 video views. RealEyes Facial recognition research showed viewers scored an emotional response of nine out of 10 and the content performed better than up to 96% of over 3,000 ads tested in the research.

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