National Geographic announces Aussie Snake Wranglers season two

Aussie Snake Wranglers

Season 2 slithers onto screens tonight

The hit series Aussie Snake Wranglers returns tonight at 8.30 pm for its second season on National Geographic.

The debut season followed Sunshine Coast snake catchers Stuart McKenzie, Chris Soul, Mick Bender, Adele Psaila, Jess Schmidt and Olivia Degn as they came up against some of the most venomous snakes in the world.

Returning for a second season, the 12-episode season will see the team answer up to 30 distress calls daily from Aussies who have come to find the fearsome reptiles as uninvited guests in their homes.

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most snake-prone areas in Australia, with more than 20 different species – including the second most venomous snake in the world – the eastern brown calling this part of Queensland home. Working in pairs all over the sunshine coast, they take on snakes within striking distance of beachgoers and carpet pythons guarding their clutch of eggs.

From the fearsome eastern brown to the more familiar red-bellied black snake, the team finds the critters in backyards, wall cavities, doorsteps and even inside couches. This nail-biting season sees one of the catchers join team members Mick and Chris as a member of the ‘Bite Club’ after getting bitten by a snake while on the job.

Of the snakes the team wrangle, some are selected to take part in life-saving venom research, while the other snakes are safely released back into the wild. The catchers are passionate about snakes and want these misunderstood animals to be seen differently by the audience and also those of the homes they are found in.

Full of action, suspense and larger-than-life characters, Aussie Snake Wranglers takes audiences into the wilds of Australia’s snake-catching world – where one mistake could cost you your life.

Season Two of Aussie Snake Wranglers premieres tonight, Tuesday, September 13 at 8.30 pm AEST on National Geographic.

National Geographic is available on Foxtel, Fetch TV and Sky NZ.

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