MCN milestone with dynamic trading goal reached

The Australian industry-first solution allows MCN to trade audiences rather than just traditional TV spots

Mark Frain

Multi Channel Network (MCN) reports it has reached its ambitious end-of-year goal to deliver 60% of all Foxtel advertising campaigns through dynamic scheduling, establishing a new benchmark for highly targeted and efficient television trading in Australia.

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The Australian industry-first solution allows MCN to trade audiences rather than just traditional TV spots by optimising campaign placement and responding to changes in viewing habits across the Foxtel platform.

MCN chief sales and marketing officer Mark Frain said achieving their end-of-year goal ahead of schedule was a milestone for MCN and sets a new precedent for the way television advertising is traded in Australia. It also highlights that when you fill a requirement in the industry, the market will follow.

“Moving from a spot transactional model to a dynamic audience and campaign delivery model has allowed MCN to manage and optimise campaign delivery. Fundamentally, this has enabled MCN to guarantee and deliver targeted television campaigns, as well as lower the operation burden for agencies and create enormous efficiencies around campaign management and schedule building.”

In a marketplace where TV audiences have continued to fluctuate, the dynamic trading product has enabled MCN to deliver on campaign commitments. From January to September 2016 inclusive, MCN delivered for 329 different advertisers, 994 different products, 4,607 campaigns, all traded against 42 different demographics.

Frain continued: “As the landscape becomes increasingly complex, market innovations like dynamic scheduling play a significant role in keeping things simple, consistent and efficient.

“Sophisticated and automated spot placement based on up-to-date audience predictions, campaign delivery and inventory utilisation are the way of the future – they are reflective of the digital marketplace and they allow for a more targeted, quality campaign outcome,” Frain said.

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