MAFS recap & ratings: All pairs pick ‘stay’ at first commitment ceremony

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The ninth episode of Nine’s Married at First Sight featured the first commitment ceremony where couples chose to either stay or leave after a jam-packed week of wedding celebrations, honeymooning and drunken dinner party drama.

Each couple spoke to the experts about their highs and lows of the first week. The first couple to sit and chat were Cathy and Josh. All loved up with no worries in the world, Josh explained to the experts they are most definitely attracted to the other, and their intimacy levels are through the roof.

Same-sex couple Tash and Amanda were the opposite. Amanda revealed they haven’t been romantic, and if she had it her way they would have had sex by now – which seemed like a stramge comment to make when she knows Tash isn’t sexually attracted to her. “This is Married at First Sight, not friends at first sight.” 

Tash and Amanda

Stacey and Michael explained how they went from cold at the wedding to hot on their honeymoon, and were the first to consummate their marriage.

When it was Connie and Jonethen‘s couch time, Connie explained how she’s not a huge fan of her new hubby who spends too much time on his phone rather than paying her attention.

Natasha and Mikey said they’re content with each other, and appeared to be genuinely happy with how they’re going so far, and both chose ‘stay’ to give their arranged relationship a good crack.

Chris and Vanessa – who’ve definitely had the least amount of air time – explained they are taking things slow and they are on a good page after the first week of the experiment.

Poppy and Luke sat down, and Poppy (again) cried as she explained she’s missed her babies and doesn’t think she was ever ready for this TV chapter of hers. Poor Luke explained to the experts he really wants to give this a shot, and Poppy revealed although she misses ger boys, she would like to give it another shot next week as well. They’re safe, for now.

When Aleks and Ivan were up on the couch, Alyks told the experts she was definitely embarrassed with her new husband’s behaviour at the dinner party where he caused a scene with Hayley which ended up with Hayley calling Ivan a c***.

Although she was cranky with his boyish ways, they kissed and made up and chose to stay.

Steve and Mishel told the experts they are more than happy to continue in the crazy TV experiment. With both choosing to stay, they awkwardly kissed before they rejoined the group.

Hayley and David

Last up were Hayley and David, who appear to always be at the centre of the drama. With David repeating that same story we’ve heard perhaps around 10 times about Hayley having a dig about his hourly wage, he then proceeded to make her cry when he brought up her past behaviours and called her a ‘recovering drug addict’. 

Everyone paused while Hayley cried, and David sheepishly apologised. Then they laughed and chose ‘stay’. God, what a night. Half of them choosing to stay made zero sense, but it will be interesting to see how they go this week when living under the same roof as man and wife.

MAFS ratings: Episode 9, 2020

Married At First Sight continues its winning streak

No. 1 metro program with all key demos and Total People

No. 1 program with Total People in Sydney and Brisbane

Timeslot winner in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide

National peak audience: 1.838 million (Metro: 1.334 million / Regional: 505,000).

National average audience: 1.482 million (Metro: 1.103 million / Regional: 378,000).

Consolidated (catchup)

Last Tuesday’s episode secured an additional 126,000 viewers in the past seven days for a national average consolidated audience of 1.624 million (Metro: 1.194 million / Regional: 430,000).

Broadcast Video On Demand (BVOD)

MAFS takes out Top Eight spots on OzTAM’s 28-day rolling VPM report:

Episode Four has a VPM rating of 385,000

Episode One has a VPM rating of 350,000

Episode Eight has a VPM rating of 345,000

Episode Two has a VPM rating of 332,000

Episode Three has a VPM rating of 330,000

Episode Five has a VPM rating of 301,000

Episode Seven has a VPM rating of 289,000

Episode Six has a VPM rating of 275,000

National audiences:

Episode 1: 1,492,000 (Metro 1,154,000 Regional 338,000)

Episode 2: 1,412,000 (Metro 1,067,000 Regional 345,000)

Episode 3: 1,355,000 (Metro 1,014,000 Regional 341,000)

Episode 4: 1,345,000 (Metro 992,000 Regional 353,000)

Episode 5: 1,493,000 (Metro 1,091,000 Regional 402,000)

Episode 6: 1,546,000 (Metro 1,140,000 Regional: 407,000)

Episode 7: 1,474,000 (Metro 1,109,000 Regional 365,000)

Episode 8: 1,583,000 (Metro 1,178,000 Regional 404,000)

Episode 9: 1.482,000 (Metro: 1.103,000 Regional: 378,000)

MAFS launch audiences (metro):

2015: 1,143,000

2016: 769,000 (First series that year)

2016: 769,000 (Second series that year)

2017: 826,000

2018: 914,000

2019: 1,006,000

2020: 1,154,000

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