Law reform: Media moguls flood Canberra

Media leaders visit Canberra to lobby politicians for law reform

Media leaders visit Canberra to lobby politicians for law reform

Chief executives from Australia’s major commercial and subscription TV, newspaper and radio companies flooded Canberra today to demonstrate support for the Federal Government’s broadcast and media reform package. The united front released the following statement:

The industry is making an unprecedented show of support to send a strong message to Parliament that urgent changes are required to modernise Australia’s outdated media laws.

The Government’s package includes:
Abolishing broadcasting licence fees and datacasting charges
Applying a fee for the spectrum that broadcasters use at a level more reflective of the current media landscape
Further restrictions on gambling advertising in live sporting events across all platforms
Amending the anti-siphoning scheme and list
Repealing the two out of three and 75% audience reach media ownership rules
A broad ranging and comprehensive review of Australian and children’s content
Funding to support the broadcasting of women’s and niche sports.

Change is crucial to bring media regulation into the digital age and preserve the future viability of the sector, which supports more than 30,000 jobs.

Australian media operators must be allowed to compete more effectively against multinational internet giants that are taking hundreds of millions of advertising dollars out of Australia.

All Australians benefit from having a competitive and independent media sector that is able to deliver checks and balances in a healthy democracy. Australian media needs to be empowered to continue to reflect Australian values and tell Australian stories.

This package is key to the entire industry’s ability to keep creating great content that is read, watched and listened to by millions of Australians every day.

Media CEOs call on Parliament to preserve Australian content, voices and jobs by supporting the passage of the broadcast and media reform package in its entirety.

This statement is endorsed by the following:
Hugh Marks, CEO, Nine Entertainment
Tim Worner, CEO, Seven West Media
Paul Anderson, CEO, Ten Network
Ian Audsley, CEO, Prime Media Group
Andrew Lancaster, CEO, WIN Corporation
Harold Mitchell, Chair, FreeTV Australia
Pam Longstaff, Acting CEO, FreeTV Australia
Peter Tonagh, CEO, Foxtel
Tony Shepherd, AO, Chair, ASTRA
Andrew Maiden, CEO, ASTRA
Greg Hywood, CEO, Fairfax Media
Michael Miller, Executive Chair, News Corp Australasia
Grant Blackley, CEO, Southern Cross Austereo
Cathy O’Connor, CEO, NOVA Entertainment
Rob Atkinson, CEO, ARN
Russell Tate, Executive Chair, Macquarie Media
Adam Lang, COO Macquarie Media & CRA Chairman
Rowley Patterson, Chair, ACE Broadcasters
Grant Cameron, CEO, Grant Broadcasters
Bill Caralis, Owner, 2SM Supernetwork Radio
Ron Camplin, Owner, Bathurst Broadcasters
Hans Torv, Chair, Hot Tomato
Stephen Sweeney, CEO, SEN
Ian Kennedy, CEO, Redwave
Les Hawton, Chair, West Coast Broadcasters
Glenn Wheatley, CEO, EON Broadcasters
Rex Morris, CEO, Resonate Broadcasters
Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia


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