Kyle Sandilands v The Daily Telegraph: Feud escalates over pubic hair

Kyle Sandilands

• “Where is my apology. What a bunch of piss-ants.”

He is no stranger to controversy and Kyle Sandilands gave radio listeners an earful during a bizarre conversation about Chinese women on Tuesday morning, reports News Corp’s Mibenge Nsenduluka.

The Kyle and Jackie O co-host said he made an eyebrow-raising discovery about Chinese women after an encounter with a prostitute.

The Daily Telegraph has chosen not to repeat what Sandilands said and has contacted KIIS FM for comment.

A spokeswoman from The National Council of Women Australia told Confidential that Sandilands’ comments are “appalling”.

“The comments by Sandilands in my view are appalling and totally unacceptable for radio at any time,” NCWA president Robyn Nolan said.

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Sandilands referred to the report in Sydney Confidential on his Wednesday show. “What did I say…does anybody remember anything I said?” Sandilands then asked if it was comments about Chinese ladies having straight pubes.

“They don’t all have straight pubes,” said Jackie O. “I did research it, and some do.”

Revisiting the subject in some detail again, a KIIS-FM producer revealed an Asian male listener had sent in a photo of their pubes which was shared amongst the staff. When looking at the photo, the show’s censor bleeped out the reactions from the hosts.

Sandilands: “There’s nothing wrong with people having straight pubes. Where is my apology. What a bunch of piss-ants.”

Sandilands then claimed both The Daily Telegraph, and Mail Online which also reported on the controversy, were guilty of pedalling “fake news”.

The host then asked producers to give time to a segment this morning where Sandilands would guess whether female callers had pubes or no pubes.

Sandilands also cancelled a live read scheduled to promote The Daily Telegraph. He then lampooned the copy in the ad and screwed up the script on air.

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