Inside IAB and Nielsen’s new daily Digital Content Ratings

All-star industry team launches measurement initiative

IAB Australia and Nielsen last week switched on Digital Content Ratings (DCR), providing publishers, agencies and marketers with daily digital audience data for the first time. The milestone places Australia at the forefront of global digital measurement.

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The data will be available on a three-day delay, with Tuesday’s day-one data available on Friday.

The all-star team showcasing the new measurement service in front of audiences of media and then the digital and advertising sector included News Corp’s Nicole Sheffield, IAB’s Vijay Solanki and Gai Le Roy, Nielsen’s Monique Perry and Alex Smith and MFA representative, Bundanoon-based research guru, John Grono.

IAB CEO Solanki said: “The Australian digital industry – which now accounts for half of all advertising spend – has always been world-leading in the area of digital measurement. DCR is a game changer for the industry because it is daily, people-based and independent. It’s good for publishers and gives more precision to advertisers. It also helps create more transparency and more confidence for digital.”

Sheffield, chairperson of IAB Australia and CDO, News Corp Australia, said, “The daily trading metrics will enable publishers and agencies to pivot and take action during campaigns and respond to daily brief cycles. This brings digital in line with other media reporting daily ratings metrics. Importantly, DCR also measures ‘off-platform’ audiences, meaning for the first time as a publisher, I can attribute audiences consuming content off-platform to my overall unique audience number. No other media measurement system allows marketers to count people consuming content on third-party platforms, and also attribute people back to the content originator.”

Speaking at this week’s DCR media briefing, Sheffield added: “We understand digital audiences in a way that no other media can claim.

“When you look at the uptake of digital media in Australia and the audience penetration we have and the engagement that we have, we are a country that is far ahead of anyone else and we are a country that deserves the best measurement.

“Daily ratings for us finally means daily trading. For those of us in trading battles it means that we are now able to have conversations about our audience daily.

Photo: Alex Smith, Monique Perry, Vijay Solanki, Gai Le Roy

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