Heavy Hitters SXSW episode 5: News Corp’s Paul Blackburn and Vudoo’s Nick Morgan

sxsw sydney News Corp's Paul Blackburn and Vudoo's Nick Morgan.

Plus: The must-see session for fans of Ash Barty

Mediaweek has released the fifth of its special SXSW Sydney editions of the Heavy Hitters podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes of the 2023 event. Mediaweek’s coverage of SXSW Sydney is brought to you by Ryvalmedia and News Corp Australia.

Each episode is hosted by Mediaweek editor and GM, Trent Thomas. The fifth episode features News Corp’s Paul Blackburn and Vudoo’s Nick Morgan.

The fifth episode of Heavy Hitters SXSW, a special edition of the Heavy Hitters series can be listened to here

When asked what’s on his must-see list at SXSW Sydney, Blackburn laughed that “it’s very hard to find a shortlist because there are so many good sessions to go to.”

“The one that’s entitled Why Peak Performance Is Dead: How To Build A Winning Team For The Long Haul has Ben Crowe as a part of that session. He’s a mindset coach, and he’s working people like Ash Barty. Some of the team at News Corp got to attend one of his sessions, and they just said he’s so impressive.

“In a world that is speeding up with technology and the news cycle, we’re connected like never before, this idea of having to be at peak performance and always on all the time is a little bit difficult. We’re seeing people burn out. I’m really interested in seeing how he gives advice around building teams that are matched for the long haul.”

Following on, Morgan revealed that he was at the Australian Open final when Ash Barty won.

“It was electric. I think she’s an incredible role model, she’s probably one of the highest performing, most well positioned, and thoughtful role models we’ve had in Australian sport in many, many decades. Clearly you can attribute some of her strengths to Ben Crowe.”

SXSW Sydney runs from October 15th to 22nd 2023, and is the first time that the event will take place outside of Austin, Texas. Mediaweek’s full coverage of SXSW Sydney can be found here.

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