Heavy Hitters SXSW episode 3: Seven’s Mel Hopkins and Kurt Burnette

SXSW Sydney podcast

“The inspiration has come alive”

Mediaweek has released the third of its special SXSW Sydney editions of the Heavy Hitters podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes of the 2023 event. Mediaweek’s coverage of SXSW Sydney is brought to you by Ryvalmedia and News Corp Australia.

Each episode is hosted by Mediaweek editor and GM, Trent Thomas. The third episode features Seven’s chief marketing and audience officer, Mel Hopkins, and chief revenue officer, Kurt Burnette.

The third episode of Heavy Hitters SXSW, a special edition of the Heavy Hitters series can be listened to here

Seven will have a major presence at SXSW Sydney. Speaking about getting involved with the event, Burnette said “From the moment we made the commitment to be in SXSW, the inspiration has come alive. More than we had hoped, the Seven House that’s been developed and worked on by the team is just extraordinary.”

As for what the value was for Seven to be so involved, Hopkins said “The super interesting thing about our connection with SXSW is just how authentic it is. I’m usually very allergic to partnerships where it feels like it’s a badging exercise and opportunity – for Seven, this is far from that.

“We champion and build great content for Australia every single day, we champion and build amazing creativity for Australians every single day, we champion and build mass cultural experiences for Australians every single day. And that pretty much is the ethos of what SXSW is.”

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SXSW Sydney runs from October 15th to 22nd 2023, and is the first time that the event will take place outside of Austin, Texas. Mediaweek’s full coverage of SXSW Sydney can be found here.

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