Heavy Hitters SXSW episode 2: Osher Günsberg

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“I am doing a few things I love to do all at the same time”

Mediaweek has released the first of its special SXSW Sydney editions of the Heavy Hitters podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes of the 2023 event. Mediaweek’s coverage of SXSW Sydney is brought to you by Ryvalmedia and News Corp Australia.

Each episode is hosted by Mediaweek editor and GM, Trent Thomas. The second episode features podcaster and TV host, Osher Günsberg.

The second episode of Heavy Hitters SXSW, a special edition of the Heavy Hitters series can be listened to here

Günsberg will be recording two episodes of his Better Than Yesterday podcast live at SXSW, and says that he is “grateful to be contributing to the program.”

Günsberg will be sitting down with musician and ex-politician, Peter Garrett, and psychologist, Diane Young, for the recordings. 

“I am doing a few things I love to do all at the same time. I am having an engaging conversation with people I’m really quite curious about and very interested by, and I’m hopefully providing them a place to bring ideas into a space where otherwise those ideas wouldn’t show up.

“Also, being onstage in front of people in a room is really a thing I do enjoy. I like holding that kind of space, I like creating a space for strangers to sit together and enjoy something together. And I’m really excited about these two particular conversations we’re going to have.”

Ultimately Günsberg says that he hopes listeners of Better Than Yesterday end up in just that position – a little bit better than yesterday.

With every episode, I try and learn something that will make this day a little bit better. Whether that be something about the positive economic impact of climate action, or what a particular actor can tell us about what it’s like to work in a job where you get literally told ‘no’ 900 times and then they get told ‘yes’.

“That’s the movie they win an Oscar for, and then everyone thinks, oh, they’re so successful. Yeah, they’re the best in the world are being told no 900 times and doing it again. That’s something we can all learn from.”

SXSW Sydney runs from October 15th to 22nd 2023, and is the first time that the event will take place outside of Austin, Texas. Mediaweek’s full coverage of SXSW Sydney can be found here.

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