Heavy Hitters SXSW episode 4: Pinterest’s Lottie Laws and Mecca Brands’ Hannah Fillis

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“The industry of retail is so fast moving”

Mediaweek has released the fourth of its special SXSW Sydney editions of the Heavy Hitters podcast, taking listeners behind the scenes of the 2023 event. Mediaweek’s coverage of SXSW Sydney is brought to you by Ryvalmedia and News Corp Australia.

Each episode is hosted by Mediaweek editor and GM, Trent Thomas. The fourth episode features Pinterest’s Lottie Laws and Mecca Brands’ Hannah Fillis.

The fourth episode of Heavy Hitters SXSW, a special edition of the Heavy Hitters series can be listened to here

The pair will be appearing on a SXSW Sydney panel, Retail Leaders On The Next Evolution Of Shopping.

“This is a session that’s going to bring together the brightest minds in retail, to discuss our industry and talk about the next evolution of shopping,” said Laws. “And as such, we’ve pulled together some of the leaders in this field.”

“The industry of retail is so fast moving, there have been so many changes that have impacted consumer behaviour and how people shop, technological changes in the space over the past few years, and this year has been no exception. Things continue to be very fast paced and very changeable in the world of E-commerce.” 

When asked about the appeal of appearing on the panel, Fillis said that “any chance to talk about it is always welcome.”

“In terms of what the future of retail is – where the customer journey is going, how they’re shopping, how we as a brand can service them better – was just so appealing to talk about. The other panellists are fantastic, so we jumped at the chance to be part of it, and share some of the amazing things that Mecca is doing across the space.”

SXSW Sydney runs from October 15th to 22nd 2023, and is the first time that the event will take place outside of Austin, Texas. Mediaweek’s full coverage of SXSW Sydney can be found here.

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