Global TV demand report highlights what Australians watched in 2020

tv demand australia

• The report shows that Australians continue to love their drama, in particular sci-fi drama

Parrot Analytics has released the Australian section of their 2020 Global TV Demand Report.

The report shows that Australians continue to love their drama, and in particular sci-fi drama coming off the back of series like The Mandalorian on Disney+. In 2020, 44.5% of demand for digital originals in Australia was expressed for a drama series, with sci-fi being the most popular subgenre. The second most in demand subgenre was superhero series, likely due to the success of shows such as The Boys.

Of all markets in the report, Australian audiences expressed the highest share of demand for digital original series from Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+, with 13.1% and 5.8% respectively. Both platforms increased their demand share in Australia from last year.

Netflix had its lowest demand shares for the year in the  Australian markets, however, it still captured almost half of the market. Here it captured only 47.6% of demand for digital original series in 2020, which is well below its global average share of 53.5%.

This was caused by the disruption of Disney+ and Apple TV+ entering the Australian market at the end of 2019, but after stabilising at around 50%, Netflix’s share dropped again around August 2020.

tv demand australia

Amazon Prime Video had a 16.3% share of demand for action and adventure digital originals in Australia in 2020. Alongside Brazil, this was the highest share for the platform among markets in the report.

tv demand australia

Unsurprisingly, the show most in demand for Australians in 2020 was The Mandalorian on Disney+. The latest addition to the Star Wars universe ended the year with 26.4 times the demand of the average show. A second Star Wars show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars came in at fifth position.

The Witcher and Stranger Things came in second and third, bringing two of the top three positions in for Netflix. Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys was fourth.

tv demand australia

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