GfK to measure NZ radio

GfK has landed the contract to measure radio in New Zealand

Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) has commissioned GfK to perform the official radio research in New Zealand. Starting this year, GfK will deliver the industry audience currency for New Zealand radio. The contract will run through the end of 2020.

On behalf of the New Zealand Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA), GfK will provide data on the use of radio starting this year.

In New Zealand, GfK will introduce a combined methodological approach. In three surveys per year (increasing to four per year from 2017 onwards), 18,000 representatively selected individuals will log their radio usage over a period of seven days, with 80% responding via a paper diary and 20% via an electronic diary. To analyse the obtained data, GfK offers its own software solution that enables broadcasters and advertisers a strategic program and media-planning tool.

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