FTA TV exceeds captioning targets

The ACMA reports television broadcasters exceed their 2013–14 captioning targets

All commercial television broadcasters and one national broadcaster, SBS, have reported exceeding their 2013–14 captioning targets, reports the ACMA.

Captioned programs made up approximately 97% of the total hours of all non-exempt programs broadcast between 6 am and midnight on free-to-air broadcasters’ primary television channels. This compares with a captioning target of 95% and is up from 93% in 2012–13 (when the target was 90%).

Ninety-nine per cent of subscription television services met the 2013-14 captioning targets and 67% exceeded the target.

All free-to-air and subscription television services met requirements to broadcast emergency warnings in text and speech, and if practicable, with captioning.

However, some broadcasting and subscription television services did report breaches of their captioning obligations.

“The ACMA took a pragmatic approach, given the overall outstanding performance and the positive trend line,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. “All of the television services that fell short of meeting the captioning obligations in 2013–14 have taken appropriate steps to prevent similar issues recurring, including resolving technical issues, enhancing procedures and undertaking staff training.”

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