Ed Harrison on Isentia’s new Mediaportal analytics dashboard

• Mediaportal Analytics is one of the first key product changes following a restructure

Isentia has expanded its Mediaportal platform with a new analytics dashboard, designed to make it easier for communications customers to showcase the value of their activities and find fast insights.

Isentia customers across Asia Pacific now have access to quick, visual social and media coverage data, which will help them spot key themes or flag warning signs. The data and charts are customisable, so users can focus on the metrics appropriate for their campaign, including share of voice and automated sentiment.

Analytics from the new dashboard are easily converted into reports that can be downloaded or shared via a link for distribution within the business. In addition, all charts can incorporate 12 months of data, easily conveying quarter-by-quarter or month-by-month changes.

Isentia chief product officer Jen Marshall said: “Communications and marketing professionals are under incredible pressure to demonstrate greater value around the work they do. The new Mediaportal analytics dashboard makes it easier for them to find the right insights and make timely decisions, as well as providing updates to key stakeholders. Just as importantly, our users need the right tools to analyse and interpret their success.

“We also wanted the results to be more compelling. Users can now create branded reports, bringing together visuals from campaigns and translating the value of their work to the C-Suite in minutes.”

Mediaportal Analytics is one of the first key product changes following a restructure of the marketing, client experience and product team, which was part of the company’s transformation under the leadership of its new CEO, Ed Harrison.

Commenting on this new dashboard, Harrison said: “The Isentia product development team is now focused on a number of significant projects that are critical to the ongoing execution of our strategy to deliver market-centric innovation that scales across Asia Pacific. Part of that is strengthening our agile development capability to ensure we deliver products and services quickly and effectively to our customers on a single technology platform.

“The media landscape continues to evolve, and we know our corporate and government clients rely on Isentia’s innovation to help them be ahead of the curve and armed with the intelligence and insights they need to be effective in their organisations.”

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