Drive Radio Week: Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty rule competitive slot

Both FM and AM broadcasters see it critical to their offering.

It’s sometimes called radio’s new primetime, but it’s been a pretty critical slot for broadcasters for a long time.

Both FM and AM broadcasters see it critical to their offering. With huge radio audiences listening to both breakfast and drive radio in their cars, the station that is left on in the car when the passengers get out at night is where they start when they climb into their vehicles each morning.

FM radio drive legends over the years have included network shows Tony Martin and Mick Molloy and more recently Hamish and Andy.

AM radio prefers local drive programs and we will look at some of the successful programs later this week.

We start today at Nova and Kate, Tim & Marty, who have the #1 national drive show in share with 11.6% and cume with 1,530,100.

Network performance Survey 6, 2018 (share and cume):

• Sydney 12.8% (+0.6) #1 overall, 519,000
• Melbourne 8.1% (+0.2) #4 FM, 479,000
• Brisbane 15.7% (+1.7) #1 overall, 301,000
• Adelaide 11.7% (-1.9) #2 FM, 157,000
• Perth 15.2% (-0.2) #1 overall, 296,000

(NB: Metro timeslots are for 4pm-7pm, Kate, Tim & Marty on-air 4pm-6pm)

Top Photo: Kate, Tim and Marty (who usually broadcasts long distance from Melbourne), with recent guest Brooke Satchwell

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