Data Never Sleeps report reveals ChatGPT users send 6944 prompts every 60 seconds

Domo (data experience platform) logo 19 Dec

“Data drives everything we do.”

Every 60 seconds, users send 360k tweets, 6.3m searches happen on Google, ChatGPTusers send 6944 prompts the average person produces 102MB of data, according to a report on the pervasive role of data in our lives. 

The Data Never Sleeps 11.0 study, created by cloud-based business intelligence and data analytics platform, Domo, provides a comprehensive analysis of global data usage trends in a bid to shed light on the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

The latest report reveals the average person produces 102MB of data every minute, and provides an illustration of the colossal volume of data generated on the internet and digital platforms and its profound impact on our daily lives. 

Domo founder and chief executive Josh James, said: “This year’s findings reflect the ever-changing and fast-paced digital landscape, which has only been heightened by the rapid popularity of AI models such as ChatGPT.”

“Data drives everything we do, from a quick search online or sending an email, to checking the latest headlines on our way to work.”

The report explored the boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with platforms like ChatGPT reshaping the ways we work, communicate, and create. Users submit 6,944 prompts every minute, showcasing the pervasive influence of AI. Simultaneously, search engine habits persist, with over 6.3 million Google searches occurring every minute, reflecting a steady increase from the previous year.

The dominance of entertainment platforms online continues, with X (formerly Twitter) experiencing a resurgence, with users now posting 360,000 tweets per minute, up from 347,000 in the previous DNS edition. Spotify users stream 24,000 hours of music, including 69,444 Taylor Swift songs, every minute. Instagram users send over 694,000 reels via direct message in the same timeframe. The world of streaming continues to thrive, with viewers collectively watching more than 40 years of content every minute.

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Digital spending continues to surge, according to Domo, with Amazon reporting over $455,000 in sales every minute. The food sector sees a significant uptick in digital transactions, as DoorDash diners place orders totalling $122,785 every minute.

As digital activities intensify, so do cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals launch 30 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks every minute, underscoring the imperative need for robust online security measures to safeguard individuals and businesses.

“Data weaves the fabric of our digital lives, and our annual Data Never Sleeps report highlights some of the most meaningful data for businesses and consumers alike,” said James. 

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