Candid conversations arose on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

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On last night’s entertaining, but still insightful, episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, screen queen Rhonda Burchmore pulled up a chair at a bar that is sure to be banned from TripAdvisor, Spewdio 54.

Alongside campmates Billy Brownless and Ryan Gallagher, there was lots of gagging and spluttering as Burchmore was made to down a long intestine iced tea, mohi-toes and a bum and coke. And honestly, whoever thinks up these names needs a pay rise.

Dale Thomas thinks anyone that comes out as gay in AFL will be a trailblazer for future generations.   

With his fellow camp-mates echoing the notion that love is love regardless of sexual orientation, Thomas believes the majority of the industry would be accepting of a gay player. Bar a few boomers. On the topic of traditional views, Brownless teased the idea that marriage should come with a three-year fixed term contract. 

Miguel Maestre, the compassionate chef opened up about his disappointment of Tom Gleeson’s infamous 2019 Logie Awards campaign.

Feeling he was making a mockery of an event that praises the pioneers in Australian television, Maestre felt his good friend and colleague Amanda Keller, was robbed of the prestigious Gold Logie.

Whilst fellow campmate Myf Warhurst mirrored his sentiment, fellow comedian Dilruk Jayasinha could see where Gleeson was coming from.   

The conversation turned to bullying, with Jayasinha and Tanya Hennessy admitting school life was hard for both of them. On the flip side, Hennessy was thankful of the resilience she learnt because of it.

It’s clear that Brownless and Hennessy are never going to be BFF’s, with the master and minion challenge testing their patience.

Luckily for the disparate duo, their roles were quickly replaced by Burchmore and Erin Barnett.

As punishment for stealing the eggs from yesterday’s challenge, the show hit the celebrities right where it hurts. Banishing Maestre from his role as camp chef was a idea in theory… but geez those celebrities are a crafty bunch.

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