Box Office: How far can Avengers: Endgame climb?

• Endgame is now number three on the all-time Australian box office list

Avengers: Endgame had a historic opening week with the Motion Pictures Distributors Association of Australia reporting on Thursday that the movie ended its first week with $50.13m – cruising past Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


This adds to the pretty good week that it had:
• Walt Disney sets new records for hottest movie opening ever
• Avengers: Endgame breaks 7 box office records
• Box Office: Avengers Endgame leaves all in its wake making $34.11m
• Avengers: Endgame obliterates another Aussie box office record

Endgame is now number three on the all-time Australian box office list pushing aside Avengers: Infinity War ($62.01m) in total revenue in only two weeks after bringing its total to $65.80m at the conclusion of the weekend.

But after a 60% decline will it have the legs to get to #1 or even #2? Currently ahead of Endgame in total Australian box office is Star Wars: Force Awakens which made $94.03m, and Avatar on $115.76m. 

For comparison Avengers: Infinity War declined 52% in its second weekend and ended up lasting eight weeks in the top five. To get the #1 spot Endgame will need another $50m, so it will be hoping to have long legs since it still has a fair way to climb.

While all other action movies were swept to the wayside this weekend in the wake of Avengers, it was a good opportunity for romcoms and family-friendly flicks which filled out the rest of the top five. This included three new entries Top End Wedding, Long Shot, and Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun.

Overall the Australian box office generated $17.73m in revenue which was a 54% decline on last weekend but is still a marketable improvement on the $11.96m that was made the weekend before Endgame.

#1 Avengers Endgame $13.62m

Comfortably holding top spot again after a record-breaking debut last week it is already the most successful Marvel movie in Australian history. The Disney blockbuster averaged a tremendous $13,102 after being screened on 1,040 screens, which is its second week in a row being on over 1,000 screens.

#2 Top End Wedding $1.10m

A very solid debut for a local film, being the only other movie to crack the $1m threshold this weekend. The Aussie rom-com made an average of $3,840 on 287 screens.

#3 Long Shot $820,418

Another romantic comedy makes its debut in the top five this week this one featuring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron. The reverse Pretty Woman opened to an average of $3,282 on 250 screens.

#4 Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun $357,577

The family-friendly romp averaged $1,561 on 229 during its first week in theatres.

#5 Dumbo $211,208

The marathon runner of the group, the re-imagining of a Disney classic ranks in the top five for the sixth consecutive week despite a 69% decline. It averaged $1,154 on 183 screens, bringing its overall total to $11.86m.

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