Australian Survivor All Stars: Sneak Peak of cast, Luke Toki and two seasons in 2020

• With eight contestants named there is still another 16 to go between now and February.

At the Network 10 Upfront on Thursday it was confirmed there will be two seasons of the Survivor hit reality format in 2020 starting off with Australian Survivor: All-Stars in February.

In a sneak peek of the new season, eight contestants have been confirmed from the first four seasons of the show:

Season 1: Phoebe Timmins, Brooke Jowett, Nick Iadanza and Felicity Eggington
Season 2: Henry Nicholson
and Mark Herlaar
Season 3: Mat Rogers 
Season 4: David Genat

The ‘King of the Jungle’ Luke Toki wasn’t named because he will be hosting an online show All Stars and providing expert commentary on each episode.

In the penultimate episode of this year’s season Luke was considered the favourite until he lost an immunity challenge making him vulnerable to elimination, and in an emotional scene on the beach, Luke asked Pia to vote with him for Baden, which would force a tie so the two could battle it out in a fire challenge. Pia was genuinely conflicted and was left to decide whether she would vote with her head or her heart.

At Tribal Council, Luke gave a heartfelt pitch to the tribe for a second chance, but in the end Pia, Harry and Baden all voted for Luke and he became the 21st person voted out of the game.

A GoFundMe goal was subsequently set for $500k (The same amount as the Australian Survivor prize money) and was aimed to help Luke and his family who are dealing with a number of health issues. Toki stopped the donations at the $500k mark.

So far the only confirmed return from season four of Australian Survivor is the “Golden God” David Genat who is returning after one of the break blindsides in Survivor history.

In a Tribal Council that delivered Oscar-worthy performances from Janine and Daisy, the tribe discussed the likely scenario that a Contender was going home.

As host Jonathan LaPaglia read out the votes, David’s face went from shock to smiles as he processed that he was now the latest victim of a blindside.

With eight contestants named there is still another 16 to be revealed between now and February.

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