APN Outdoor launches Perth’s newest digital supersite

The super-sized digital billboard captures three lanes of inbound traffic heading towards the CBD.

APN Outdoor, now part of JCDecaux, has extended its out-of-home footprint launching Perth’s newest digital supersite on the Mitchell Freeway.

Positioned for maximum exposure on Perth’s major northbound thoroughfare, the super-sized digital billboard measures 12.66 x 3.35 metres and captures three lanes of inbound traffic heading towards the central business district.

JCDecaux general manager digital media Damien Rath said: “High-exposure roadside billboards coupled with the flexibility of digital technology enables brands to connect with passing consumers using creative that is both compelling and contextually relevant. We are delighted to secure such a strategic location on the Mitchell Freeway.”

Rath said the Mitchell Freeway supersite launch is another key component of JCDecaux’s expansion in the Perth market. In December last year, JCDecaux signed a new agreement with Perth Airport, rounding out its existing contract covering internal advertising in all four terminals, as well as external billboards approaching and within the Perth Airport precinct.

JCDecaux currently holds the rights to all external advertising at the Airport, along with internal advertising in T1 International, T1 Domestic, T2 and T3 terminals.

JCDecaux will take on the rights to advertise in T4, where Qantas Group operates its domestic services, on January 31 2019, marking the first time Perth Airport has worked with one advertising provider across all its terminals. As part of the new agreement, existing advertising assets will be refreshed throughout the terminal.

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