Andrew Mercado on TV: The final word on Australian politics and Pilot Week

Andrew Mercado rounds up Ten’s Pilot Week, and also takes a look at Aussie politics.

Skit Happens – Sketch comedy shows need time to find their feet (see Kinne Tonight below) but this was a disappointing way to start Ten’s Pilot Week. It did, however, make every show that has followed it look better.

Verdict: It’s as dead man walking as Malcolm Turnbull.

Disgrace – The makers of Gruen have another winning concept thanks to panellists and a host who can speak from real experience on these topics.

Verdict: Bring it back so Sam Dastyari can break down the disgraceful week in Canberra.

Drunk History –Yet another take on Ned Kelly, plus Fitzy playing Phar Lap in a horse head, and Stephen Curry and Rhys Darby sinking beers. Well made but bizarre.

Verdict: Drunk History is probably preferable to present events.

Kinne Tonight – Not a Tonight Show but more a sketch comedy show. Luckily, it was consistently funny with Troy Kinne benefitting from a practice run on 7mate a few years back. Give him a go, Ten.

Verdict: If Ten really wants a Tonight Show, grab the young talent who have been smashing it all week on the just-axed Tonightly.

Trial By Kyle – He’s not an actual judge and the questionable cases (think boob jobs and porn stars) don’t seem real either, with even Kyle himself calling “bullshit” at one point. Actual lawyer Anna Heinrich provides some much-needed class amidst some of the dumbest desperados yet. In other words, it’s a hit.

Verdict: Will Kyle sneak up from behind as skilfully as Julie Bishop could?

Dave – If Kyle is ripping off Judge Judy, then Dave O’Neil is definitely finding inspiration from Curb Your Enthusiasm, albeit with a family-friendly take on Larry David and his celebrity friends. It’s much more laidback, of course, and very Melbourne-centric, but never underestimate the appeal of Glenn Robbins playing Glenn Robbins.

Verdict: Save.

Bring Back Saturday Night – Ten is promising this live event will have “young performers bringing back the best of the past and old-school entertainers challenged with reinvention”… like host Rove McManus, you mean?

Verdict: Fingers crossed.

Taboo – This was moving and inspiring stuff, along with some clever stand-up from host Harley Breen. The format is from Belgium, and so is Mathias Cormann, but don’t let that put you off.

Verdict: Harley Breen for Prime Minister!

Top Photo: Paul Anderson, Beverley McGarvey, Troy Kinne

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