Andrew Mercado’s TV Guide: The battle for true crime, Gogglebox + Curb Your Enthusiasm!

TV critic Andrew Mercado’s rundown on what to watch on the box next week


TV critic Andrew Mercado’s rundown on what to watch on the box next week:

Manhunt: Family Blood Lines – 8.30pm on Seven/ Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders – 8.50pm on Nine

True crime is all the rage on TV now and it will be interesting to see who wins this head-to-head battle. Seven’s new locally made show features police officers detailing how they captured and caught real life crims (and there is no truth to the rumour that Seven will launch a spinoff show called Womanhunt based around cadet journalists in their Adelaide newsroom).

Meanwhile on Nine, with a huge lead-in audience from The Block, expect viewers to stick around for the sixth spinoff to emerge from the never-ending Law & Order franchise. Clearly inspired by the success of The People vs O.J. Simpson, this new drama is about the Menendez brothers who murdered their wealthy parents. With Edie Falco chewing up the scenery as their defence attorney, this should be the pick of the night – especially with the added bonus of Heather Graham, who was sadly missing from the latest series of Twin Peaks (guess Annie is still lost in that red room somewhere).

Curb Your Enthusiasm – 8pm Monday on comedy

After marathons of all previous seasons starting at 6am on Saturday and running all weekend, the surprise ninth season will premiere after a long five-year hiatus. There will be eight episodes and some killer guest stars, including Bryan Cranston, Lauren Graham, Elizabeth “Showgirls” Perkins, Damon Wayans Jr and… wait for it… Judge Judy! Along with Will & Grace also back and now streaming on Stan, nostalgic sitcom fans have lots to enjoy until the return of Roseanne early next year.

Gogglebox – 7.30pm Wednesday on Lifestyle/8.30pm Thursday on Ten

There is a truly vile meme going around on social media which re-names The Project as The Rejects and suggests it is a left-wing agenda from Ten to remind us that “Islam is our best friend and we are racist if we think otherwise”. Wow. So I can just imagine what this revolting group might say about the new GoggleboxersJad, Sarah Marie and Matty – who are bringing a “Middle Eastern flavour” to the latest series. Gogglebox has always had a multicultural vibe so they should be a good addition (but let’s pretend that the Common Sense spinoff never happened, OK?).

Riviera – 9.30pm Wednesday on SBS

Julia Stiles, Lena Olin and some topnotch British actors headline this sumptuous nighttime soap shot in and around Monte Carlo. Anthony LaPaglia is also in it, but very briefly, although his presence seems to loom through the rest of the narrative. They have spent some major cash on making this Sky series look good and they seem to have achieved the very same vibe that ghastly Dynasty reboot is aiming for. Good luck with that.

Man With A Plan – 9.30pm Monday on Ten

Matt Le Blanc bombed with his Friends spinoff Joey but he redeemed himself with Episodes, the excellent Showtime comedy (that will hopefully air its final series soon on Stan). But while he also successfully navigated the turbulent reboot of Top Gear, he went home to slum it with this hugely predictable CBS sitcom about a stay-at-home dad who struggles with how hard housework is. Doing something this unoriginal sounds like a punchline from Episodes and yet this very average show has been renewed for a second series. Yawn.

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