Sports fans reveal the best and worst from AFL television coverage

• Bruce McAvaney and The Front Bar AFL fan favourites

News Corp’s Melbourne daily the Herald Sun has published the results of its annual AFL fan survey.

A central part of the survey each year asks those fans about the highlights from the media that cover one of Australia’s two major winter sports.

Seven’s Bruce McAvaney was voted as the best play-by-play TV commentator with 27% of the vote. Second was Fox Footy’s Anthony Hudson followed by Seven’s Brian Taylor.

Fox Footy’s David King was voted TV’s best tactical analyst, well ahead of Seven’s Leigh Matthews in second spot.

Brian Taylor has taken top spot in the category he probably didn’t want to win – Most Annoying AFL Media Personality. He was well ahead of Nine’s Sam Newman in second place.

Seven’s The Front Bar was easily voted Favourite TV Footy Show, well ahead of Fox Footy’s daily AFL 360. Nine’s Footy Show and Footy Classified just made it into the top five.

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