Adshel working with IAS and OmniComm on improving outdoor measurement

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This is the first time this type of verification has been deployed in Australia.

Adshel and IAS have announced a successful pixel-based verification solution across digital out-of-home campaigns as part of a beta measurement project aimed at improving measurement.

It is the first time this type of verification has been deployed in Australia and while it is still in a beta the initial results have demonstrated the usefulness of the IAS verification solution in DOOH to capture plays and, more importantly, exposure time.

Adshel head of platform sales Steve Geelan said:

“We have a long-held belief that measurement and transparency play an important role in enhancing confidence and investment in the OOH industry and, via our work with IAS and OMG, we are proud to have led the charge on that front.

“Measurement, in our view, needs to be at an individual play level. Measurement should be universal, constant and independent.”

Head of partnerships, outdoor and audio at OmniCom Jo Dick said:

“At OMG we are constantly looking to improve the way we buy media for our clients and we have been advocating for better verification in the OOH market for a long time. We have worked with IAS to measure our online campaigns for years and so it made sense to see if its technology and expertise could be deployed to bring independent verification to the OOH market.

“It is still early days, but the work Adshel and IAS have done on this proof of concept has laid a great foundation for us to build on. We want our clients to have complete confidence that they got what they paid for and we believe that independent verification is key to achieve that. For the benefit of our clients, we will continue to push IAS to enhance its verification technology so that the industry has a robust solution for verification.

“The Adshel team deserve recognition for their willingness to engage in this process. It is never easy being the first to run technology like this, but they were incredibly open and helpful as we worked through the process. It sets a great example for other media owners to be open to verification from an independent third party provider such as IAS.”

IAS managing director James Diamond added:

“We are in the very early stages of building this capability, but working with both OMG and Adshel, who have taken a leadership position on verification and transparency in the DOOH market, has really accelerated solution development. To have been able to run this type of verification on one of the first time day location DOOH campaigns to ever run in Australia is a fantastic result.

“Our focus now is on working with more media owners and creating ways to better visualise the campaign results. We still have a lot of work to do, but being able to directly measure the ad plays has set the stage for independent third party verification in the DOOH market.”

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