2018 NRMA Kennedy Awards: Complete list of finalists

The Kennedy Awards celebrate past and present journalism greats.

Finalists for the 7th annual Kennedy Awards have been announced, and will be announced at a gala event on August 10.

The Kennedy Awards celebrate past and present journalism greats. To buy your tickets go to kennedyawards.com.au.

Categories and finalists

1 Les Kennedy Award for Outstanding Crime Reporting (sponsor Stonemasons and Landscapers)
Emma Partridge (Daily Telegraph); Janet Fife-Yeomans, Ashleigh Gleeson (Daily Telegraph); Michael Evans (Sydney Morning Herald)

2 Paul Lockyer Award for Outstanding Regional Broadcast Reporting (sponsor Vodafone)
Anna Henderson (7.30 ABC); Marty McCarthy (ABC Regional); Melissa Russell, Michael Pignatoro (WIN News Wollongong)

3 Chris Watson Award for Outstanding Regional Newspaper Reporting
Carrie Fellner (Newcastle Herald); Cara Hildebrandt (The Mandurah Mail); Shannon Tonkin (Illawarra Mercury)

4 Rod Allen Award for Racing Writer of the Year (sponsor Australian Turf Club)
Ray Thomas (Daily Telegraph); Andrew Webster (Sydney Morning Herald); Chris Roots (Sydney Morning Herald)

5 Outstanding Turf Reporting (sponsor Racing NSW)
Chris Roots (Sydney Morning Herald), Ray Thomas (The Daily Telegraph)

6 Sean Flannery Award for Outstanding Radio Reporting (sponsor Hillbrick Bicycles)
Natalia Peters (Macquarie Radio, 2GB); Tamara Wearne (Macquarie Radio, 2GB); Andrew Greene (ABC Radio)

7 Outstanding Radio Current Affairs Reporting & Audio Blog
Peter Ryan (ABC Radio); David Marr, Melissa Davey, Miles Martignoni (The Guardian Australia); How Well Do You Sleep At Night? (ABC Audio Studios)

8 Outstanding News Photo (sponsor City of Parramatta Council)
Kate Geraghty (Sydney Morning Herald); John Grainger (Daily Telegraph); Nathan Edwards (Sunday Telegraph)

9 Outstanding Portrait (sponsor City of Parramatta)
Philip Hillyard (Daily Telegraph); Kate Geraghty (Sydney Morning Herald); Jonathan Carroll (Newcastle Herald)

10 Outstanding Sports Photo (sponsor City of Parramatta)
Brett Costello (Daily Telegraph); Sam Ruttyn (Sunday Telegraph); Philip Hillyard (Daily Telegraph)

11 Outstanding Online Video (sponsor City of Parramatta)
Eric Lobbecke (The Australian); Allan Clarke (ABC True Crime); Ivan O’Mahoney, Dan Box (The Australian)

12 Power of the Lens People’s Choice Award
To be announced at August 10th Gala

13 The Cliff Neville Award: Outstanding Team Player
To be announced at the gala event August 10

14 Peter Frilingos Award for Outstanding Sports Reporting (sponsor ANZ Stadium)
Peter Lalor (The Australian); Jane Cadzow (Sydney Morning Herald); Jamie Pandaram (Daily Telegraph)

15 2018 Young Journalist of the Year (sponsor Twitter)
Sam Buckingham-Jones (The Australian); Lucy Cormack (Sydney Morning Herald); Taylor Auerbach (A Current Affair)

16 Outstanding Travel Writing
Rob McFarland (Sydney Morning Herald); Catherine Marshall (Sydney Morning Herald); Tracey Croke (Adventure.com)

17 Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsor Balter Beer)
To be announced at the gala event August 10

18 John Newfong Award for Outstanding Indigenous Affairs Reporting (sponsor Paradigm Resources)
Allan Clarke (NITV); Lorena Allam (The Guardian Australia); Chris Roe, Karla Grant (NITV)

19 Gary Ticehurst Award for Outstanding TV News Camera Coverage (sponsor Nine News)
Kevin Hudson (Seven News); Paul Buller (Nine News); Andy Taylor (Sunday Night)

20 Harry Potter Award for Outstanding Television News Reporting (sponsor Network 10)
Seven News Team (Seven News); Neil Breen (Nine News); Robert Ovadia (Seven News)

21 Outstanding Television Current Affairs Reporting (sponsor A Current Affair)
Tara Brown, Grace Tobin, Sean Power (60 Minutes); Adele Ferguson, Leslie Robinson, Lucy Carter, Nassim Khadem (4 Corners ABC); Tracy Grimshaw (A Current Affair)

22 Outstanding Nightly TV Current Affairs Reporting (sponsor Nine News)
Patrick Abboud (SBS Viceland); Dimity Clancey (A Current Affair); ABC Fairfax Team (ABC Fairfax)

23 Peter Ruehl Award for Outstanding Columnist (sponsor AGL)
James Weir (news.com.au); James Jeffrey (The Australian); Jacqueline Maley (Sydney Morning Herald)

24 Outstanding Finance Reporting (sponsor Hunter Burton Capital)
Adele Ferguson, Sarah Danckert (Fairfax Media); Peter Ryan (ABC Radio); Max Mason (Australian Financial Review)

25 Outstanding Consumer Affairs Reporting (sponsor One Big Switch)
Tony Ibrahim (Choice Magazine); Alison Branley, Sophie Scott (ABC Lateline), Patrick Abboud (SBS)

26 Outstanding Online News Breaking
Liam Bartlett, Howard Sacre, Elizabeth Little (60 Minutes); Max Mason (The Australian Financial Review); Paul Farrell (The Guardian)

27 Outstanding Court Reporting (sponsor Artline)
Patrick Begley (Sydney Morning Herald); Nicola Berkovic (The Australian); Taylor Auerbach (A Current Affair)

28 Outstanding Reporting on the Environment
Carrie Fellner (Newcastle Herald); Benedict Brook (news.com.au); Peter Hannam (Sydney Morning Herald)

29 Rebecca Wilson Award 2018 Scoop of the Year (sponsor Salty Dingo Media)
Mark Morri (Daily Telegraph); Sharri Markson, Kyla Loussikian (Daily Telegraph); Nick McKenzie (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age)

30 Vince O’Farrell Award: Outstanding Illustration (sponsor Stabilo)
Alan Moir (Sydney Morning Herald); Cathy Wilcox (Sydney Morning Herald); David Rowe (Fairfax Media)

31 Outstanding Investigative Reporting (sponsor 7 News)
Nick McKenzie, Chris Masters (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald); Sharri Markson, Kylar Loussikian (Daily Telegraph); Emma Partridge (Daily Telegraph)

32 Jim Oram Award: Outstanding Features Writing (sponsor Sydney Morning Herald)
Jane Cadzow (Sydney Morning Herald); Nick O’Malley (The Good Weekend); Trent Dalton (The Australian)

33 Outstanding Political Reporting (sponsor NRMA Insurance)
Sharri Markson (Daily Telegraph); Andrew Clennell (The Australian); Gary Adshead (The West Australian)

34 2018 Kennedy Award prize for Australian Journalist of the Year
Kate McClymont (Sydney Morning Herald); Nick McKenzie (The Age, Sydney Morning Herald); Sharri Markson (Daily Telegraph)

Top photo: Chris O’Keefe at the 2017 Kennedy Awards

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