10 Shake viewers guide: What is on 10’s newest channel?

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• In an Australian first 10 Shake will be the first free to air channel to store all its content in the Cloud.

Joining 10, 10 Bold and 10 Peach, 10 Shake will make its way onto Australian television screens on Sunday, 27 September from 6.00 am. 

The new FTA channel takes advantage of the networks ownership by ViacomCBS as 10 Shake will include a mix of shows with day time content aimed at kids and primetime content targeted at adults.

The children’s entertainment will include shows such as Totally Wild, Scope, PAW Patrol, Ready Set Dance, Butterbeans Café, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Henry Danger.

While the adult-themed content will include Catfish: The TV Show, The Charlotte Show, Ex On The Beach UK, Ridiculousness, The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Comedy Central Roasts, and Tosh.0.

Kids programming on 10 Shake will run from 6 am to 6 pm daily, seven days a week, which will total 84 hours of a kids’ programming every week.

From 6 pm the content will change gears and being airing the mature aged content.

In an Australian first 10 Shake will be the first free to air channel to store all its content in the Cloud.

10 Shake is the first step in Network 10’s broader technology transformation strategy and will allow the network to more quickly scale up the number of platforms it distributes its content on.

Earlier this year Network 10 head of programming Daniel Monaghan told Mediaweek the broadcaster was well aware the market has been expecting a new multichannel from the broadcaster. So what has taken so long?

“We have been talking about a fourth channel for some time and have been investigating a number of options pre the change of 10’s ownership and after,” admitted Monaghan to Mediaweek. “Once we saw Viacom and CBS coming together, and seeing the content they both offer, we realised we could access content that would differentiate it from Bold and Peach.

“Looking at the content made us feel like now was exactly the right time to launch. There was content in the kids’ space we didn’t previously have access to and then some edgier content through the Viacom channels.”

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Monaghan laughed when asked how much of the pre-launch discussions were taken up with debates about what the name should be for 10 Shake. 10 previously had two goes at branding a multichannel after abandoning 10 Boss for 10 Bold. “This isn’t the first rodeo for any of us in the naming stakes,” he noted referring to that previous launch.

To be honest finding a name it is great fun. Then getting it cleared can be difficult. We knew Shake positions us where we wanted to be. An action, a word, something that is malleable around both kids’ product and the primetime offering. A word like Shake allows us to have a lot of fun with it. All the content on this channel is fun so we needed to reflect that in the naming.”

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Monaghan said there was a shortlist of about five names before they settled on Shake. “We then debated which ones worked and we had input from the various creative departments about which ones stood out as logos and brands. After a period of time the name becomes nothing more than the word you have chosen. If you do your job correctly it becomes a brand representing the content.”

Monaghan added there was some thought about naming the dayparts separately for 10 Shake. “It was then dismissed when we decided to go for a name that could work for both. While appreciating the content is divided into kids and non-kids, we went for the one name. There are always gear changes on every channel, we are just making ours a little more distinctive with a line in the sand at 6pm.

While taking all the programming from within ViacomCBS might have economic benefits, Monaghan said they still have to pay for it. “That happens in any group internal transactions. Nothing is ever free. We would never have based the channel on getting the cheapest content deals. Having the access to this content made it appealing.”

The only non-ViacomCBS content is the programming made for 10 that is moving across. Programs like Totally Wild and the C classified dramas. “We have also got BoJack Horseman which is not a ViacomCBS property, but something we had already purchased. The movies also come from various distributors, they won’t be all from Paramount. Some 10 outside product may also have a second run on the new channel.

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