Network 10 launches Shake: Show me the money, Rod Prosser on sales

Rod Prosser

“Our sales proposition is ‘Shake will be iconic from day one’.

Key to the success of any FTA commercial TV channel is of course is ability to monetise the dayparts. Looking after revenue for Network 10’s new channel Shake is chief sales officer Rod Prosser.

The decision to go with the Shake programming mix came about after looking at the large library of content at ViacomCBS, Prosser told Mediaweek. “What I was really keen on when Bev McGarvey and the broader management team started talking around the new channel was that it would be very different to what we already had and therefore would not cannibalise our channels Bold and Peach.

I wanted a channel that would offer us an opportunity to talk to advertisers that we may not have had in the past. Shake allows us to do that. There isn’t another very targeted under-40 channel that can compete with the likes of YouTube for example. It’s now up to us to open up conversations with advertisers.”

As to whether there is much money available for the daytime younger audiences, Prosser said: “The sales proposition will be a little bit different, and we will do a lot of packaging. We have now had a few months selling Nickelodeon as part of ViacomCBS, albeit on a different platform. We know there are a lot of clients from big retailers to toy companies to gaming that are really keen on advertising around younger skewing content.

“We will obviously adhere to the regulations surrounding advertising at that time of day to a younger audience that are attached to our broadcast licence. We will have to get approval on ads that go into some of the programming blocks.”


Prosser said the primetime blocks will be younger skewing than 10 Peach. “Quite different in fact. Once you look at the line-up and the library of content you realise it will feel very different.”

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While the programming at night is not necessarily new, some of the shows have had limited exposure previously in Australia, largely on subscription TV channels.

“Our sales proposition is ‘Shake will be iconic from day one’. If you look at the channels the content comes from and the movie line-up, they are iconic.”

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