GfK Radio Ratings, Survey 4 2017: Highlights + full results

The full results from the fourth radio ratings survey for 2017

Nova's Fitzy & Wippa


• Fitzy and Wippa on the move

The biggest movers in the market were 104.9 Triple M and WSFM, which both lifted 0.9. The overall market leader remains 2GB, which lifted 0.5 to 11.9%. smoothfm is the market leader in FM, despite dropping 2.2 to 9.1%. KIIS 1065 dropped 0.3 to 8.1% where it remains #2 FM, but it leads Nova by the smallest possible margin with a lead of 0.1.

The best breakfast improver this survey was Nova 96.9 where Fitzy and Wippa climbed 0.9 to 7.8% to be equal #2 FM breakfast alongside WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda on 7.8%. 2GB’s Alan Jones remains #1 in breakfast on 13.9%, ABC Sydney is #2 overall while Kyle and Jackie O remain #1 FM breakfast.



• Mike and Jen at smoothfm lift

Gold 104.3 was the biggest mover in Melbourne with share up 0.8 to 8.9%. The ARN station is now a point or less behind the FM leader Fox FM and #2 FM smoothfm. 3AW remains the overall leader on 14.4% despite a drop of 1.1.

smoothfm was the best breakfast improver with share up 1.0 for Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen. Ross and John at 3AW have dropped back below a 20% share, but remain clear leaders not only in Melbourne, but they boast the highest metro breakfast share in Australia. FOX FM remains the #1 FM breakfast with its team of Fifi, Dave, Fev and Byron.



• ARN’s revenge as Bianca, Terry & Bob go #1

Despite a pull back, Nova 106.9 remains a clear leader on 14.1% overall although it is no longer the breakfast champ. Reclaiming top spot in breakfast is 97.3 where Bianca, Terry and Bob are back on top after share exploded, up 2.2 to 12.8%. Interestingly 2.2 was the exact amount of share that Nova lost.

Overall 97.3 was the big improver, up 1.2 to 12.5%. 4BC had a good survey too with share up to 5.9%. In breakfast, Alan Jones lifted 4BC share to 8.4%, overtaking 4KQ this survey.



• Mix back at #1, but Davis & Will rule breakfast

Mix 102.3 has reclaimed top spot in the market, overtaking Fiveaa as Mix share lifted 0.7 to 12.8%. Hit 107 had the biggest growth, up 1.1 while Triple M was also up 0.7.

Fiveaa has managed to remain #1 in commercial breakfast as David and Will sit on 13.0%, dipping 1.6 this survey. They are only outrated by ABC Adelaide, which dropped 0.5, but sits on 14.7% in the last survey that will feature recently departed breakfast co-host Matthew Abraham.



• Nathan, Nat and Shaun build Nova lead

Four of the six commercial stations in the market improved their share this survey, Mix 94.5 was the only significant mover with share down 1.0 to 13.7%. That was enough to allow Nova 93.7 into top spot as Nova share climbed 0.4.

Nova breakfast was up 0.8 to 14.8% ensuring Nathan, Nat and Shaun tightened their grip on the breakfast audience. In fact a massive gap has opened up between the market leaders with Nova now 3.1 points ahead of Mix in breakfast. 6PR breakfast performed well with share for Steve and Baz up 1.1 to 9.5%. 96FM also lifted in breakfast.

This is the first time Nova has been #1 outright in Perth. Mix 94.5 has held Perth’s #1 spot for most of the last 25 years, apart from three occasions – one in 2012 (S4/12) and two in 2013 (S5+S6/13) when they were beaten by 96FM.

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